How to play parkour in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Parkour in Minecraft can be challenging at first but is vastly rewarding to learn (Image via Minecraft)
Parkour in Minecraft can be challenging at first but is vastly rewarding to learn (Image via Minecraft)

Parkour is one of Minecraft's most popular game modes, with the best parkour servers for Minecraft bringing in thousands of players on a daily basis.

Although parkour has always been popular within the Minecraft community, the game mode has recently reached new heights thanks to appearances in pop culture, namely on the TikTok platform.

Players of all skill levels can enjoy parkour in Minecraft, however, with vast and exciting maps designed for both first-timers and parkour veterans alike.

This guide will explain exactly how to play some of the best parkour maps and also a few helpful parkour pointers, coming from someone who's enjoyed the game mode for almost a decade.

What is the best way to play parkour in Minecraft?

The best and easiest way to enjoy parkour in Minecraft is either via downloading a parkour map or connecting to a parkour server.

In most cases, unless players want to play on certain maps, joining a parkour server is typically the most convenient option.

Minecraft lava parkour map on a parkour server
Minecraft lava parkour map on a parkour server

Some parkour servers have hundreds of maps freely available to play and practice, with a huge range of differing difficulties. This means players don't need to continuously download new maps for themselves, as they can just connect to one single server and get instant access to hundreds.

A detailed review of some of the best Minecraft parkour servers can be found here. However, a few good parkour server IP's to join can be found below:

  • Mox MC - IP: (Java Edition only)
  • Parkour Craft - IP: (Java Edition only)
  • Cube Craft - IP: (Java & Bedrock Edition)

Players can also check out this helpful guide if they are unaware of how to connect to a Minecraft Server on a PC.

If players don't wish to join a Minecraft server, they can opt to download and play maps in singleplayer. Some of the most popular freely available parkour maps can be found here.

How to get better at parkour in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, the best way to reliably improve at parkour in Minecraft is simply with practice, practice, and more practice.

Here are a few general helpful tips to take into consideration when practicing parkour:

  1. Set a dedicated key to sprint. Double-tapping the W key isn't always ideal and often misfires, leading players to fail a jump due to not having enough speed.
  2. Make sure to crouch when landing. This ensures that you don't accidentally back off the block.
  3. Ensure sensitivity is set correctly. Unfortunately, there's no "all-size-fits" setting for this, and players will need to adjust sensitivity on their own basis. The best advice is to just go with what whatever feels natural and comfortable.
  4. Maximize runway space. Essentially this means to be sure to back right up and use the whole width of a block to run up. As jump distance is heavily correlated with running speed, this results in more consistent far jumps.
  5. Get good at beating common "trick jumps" like ladder jumps, slime blocks, neos, and headhitters. Players quickly find out that Minecraft parkour becomes significantly easier once they learn how to handle one-trick-pony type jumps that are often repeated throughout different maps.
  6. Download and play a parkour practice map. These maps allow players to repeatedly train certain types of jumps they are struggling with. A particularly good practice map with lots of different common jump types can be found here.


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