How to repair Minecraft's elytra

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

After decimating Minecraft's ender dragon, players have the opportunity to explore a barren wasteland, and a chance to come across an incredible item.

Elytra is an end-game item that is equipped into the character's chest slot. This item, while equipped and with more than one durability, will grant the player the ability to glide, and when paired with fireworks rockets, the ability to fly. An issue arises, however, when these elytra run out of durability, as they become damaged and unusable until repaired.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

How to repair elytra in Minecraft

Players will need phantom membranes, a chance drop from phantoms, the mobs seen above in a classic phantom trap. There's a few things players will need to make sure they can, in fact, repair their elytra though:

  • An anvil
  • At least 25 cobwebs
  • Cobwebs can be found in underground mine shafts, and strongholds. They can be acquired using shears, or a sword enchanted with silk touch.
  • Three restless Minecraft nights.

After these conditions have been met, players will be able to come across phantoms - flying mobs that lurk Minecraft's skies once players haven't slept in a bed for three nights. To set up the trap seen above, place cobwebs in a five-by-five arrangement, and wait for some phantoms to get caught inside.

Once the player has collected enough membranes, join them and the elytra in an anvil and watch the durability jump back to full.

How to find elytra

In case players have stumbled upon this article before receiving their first elytra, here's how to acquire them.

  1. Using eyes of ender(crafted with ender pearls and blaze rods), find the stronghold in the overworld
  2. Use upwards of 11 eyes of ender to finish the end portal found inside the stronghold
  3. Defeat the ender dragon
  4. Explore the end dimension and find a rare structure known as end cities
  5. Each end city has a chance to also include an end ship, which is the only way in the entirety of survival Minecraft.

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