List of mobs revealed for Minecraft Live 2021, and which one to vote for

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft Live 2021 is less than 24 hours away, and fans are excited to vote for their favorite mob. Mojang has already revealed the three candidates for Mob Vote 2021 - Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem.

Due to the deadly pandemic situation, Mojang has decided to hold a live event this year as well. During Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang will officially announce the 1.19 update and host a mob vote on Twitter. The event is scheduled for October 16, i.e., tomorrow, and the live stream will begin at 5 PM BST.

#MinecraftLive is coming tomorrow at 12 PM EDT! We also have an amazing team live commentating on the show in Deutsch, Français, 日本語, Italiano, Português, 한국어, Español, pусском and Svenska!Learn more and check the start time in your region:↣

Every mob candidate for Minecraft Mob Vote 2021

Here is a quick recap of the abilities and uses of all the mobs running for votes tomorrow at the live event.



Glare is the first candidate for Mob Vote 2021. It is an adorable green colored flying mob that hates darkness. Glare will help players discover dark spots where hostile mobs can spawn. When Glare finds a dark area, it will hover to the place and become grumpy.

Glare is the best mob for players suffering from unexpected creeper explosions in their base. With the help of Glare, players will be able to find every dark corner in their base and light it up to prevent hostile mobs from spawning.



Most redstone engineers are going to vote for Allay tomorrow. This mob looks like vex but is friendly towards players. Allay is a cute, music-loving mob who loves to collect items. Players can give an item to Allay, and it will collect up to a stack of that item in the surrounding area.

After Allay collects all the items, players can play a note block to make it drop them. Along with being an easy to use hopper minecart, Allay also adds a new use for note blocks in Minecraft. Redstone engineers would definitely want to build contraptions with this mob.

Copper Golem


Copper Golem is the third and final candidate for Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. To craft Copper Golem, players will need copper ingots and lightning rods. If Copper Golem wins the vote, Mojang will add copper buttons to Minecraft.

Copper Golem loves to press random copper buttons. With Copper Golem, players can create a randomizer easily. Like copper blocks, Copper Golem will also age with time and get oxidized. Oxidized Copper Golem will be usable as decorations like armor stands.

Which mob to vote for?

The decision is yours – which mob gets your vote? A friend in dark places? A cookie, or any other item, collector? Or a buddy to build your own?On Oct 16, tune into #MinecraftLive to cast your vote and decide which mob will be added to the game!↣

Clearly, the theme for this mob vote is usability. Minecrafters are now caught in a predicament, wondering which mob they should vote for. Many players like to vote for the cutest one, but all three mobs are adorable this time. Technical players prefer to vote for mobs with either valuable drops or helpful functionality.

In the end, every player should ideally vote for the mob they would love to have in Minecraft.

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