Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update on Java Edition: New features, mobs, download link, and more revealed

(Image via Mojang)
(Image via Mojang)
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The Minecraft 1.17 update, Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Part I, was released on 8th June at 4:00 PM BST, 11:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM PST, 8:30 PM IST.

The entire Caves & Cliffs will be released in two parts, but for now the developers Mojang, have only released the first part.

The second phase of the update will feature new cliffs and a new mob which is planned to be added to the game this winter. The hostile mob being added to the game in the second phase is called the Warden.

The Warden is a scary mob that lives in deep dark caves, which will be added in the update. This mob is made up of sculk blocks, which is a new block planned to be added in the second part of the update.

Everything added to Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update on Java Edition

Here's a list of all the new changes, features, and items being added to the Java edition of Minecraft 1.17, Caves & Cliffs.

New mobs added

A Goat on snowy mountain (Image via Minecraft)
A Goat on snowy mountain (Image via Minecraft)
  • Axolotl
  • Glow Squid
  • Goat

New blocks added:

Dripstone cave (Image via Minecraft)
Dripstone cave (Image via Minecraft)
  • Dripstone block and pointed Dripstone.
  • Amethyst blocks
  • Moss
  • Dropleaf plant
  • Azalea
  • Glow berries
  • Deepslate
  • Powdered snow
  • Block of raw iron, copper, and gold.

List of new ores added:

Copper ores (Image via Minecraft net)
Copper ores (Image via Minecraft net)
  • Copper ore
  • Deepslate ores

Other items:

Lava in a cauldron (Image via u/PC_Screen on Reddit)
Lava in a cauldron (Image via u/PC_Screen on Reddit)
  • Copper
  • Lava Cauldron
  • Candles
  • Lightning rod
  • Spyglass
  • Tinted glass

More features:

  • A new shulker will be made when a shulker hits another shulker with shulker bullets.
  • New trade offers added to Wandering trader and Mason.
  • Bundle items will drop when destroyed.
  • Infested block destroy times have been changed.
  • Mineshaft and Shipwreck loots have been changed.
  • Dirt paths can now be made using a shovel on dirt, mycelium, podzol, and coarse dirt.
  • Drowned no longer drop gold ingots. Instead, they might drop a copper ingot.
  • Experience orbs can now combine to reduce the pressure on the computer. The rate of experience points gained by the players will remain the same.
  • Rail and minecarts work in water.
  • Piston breaking now has particle effects.
  • Fire rockets with one gun powder can be crafted using the recipe book.

Java edition players can download the update from here.

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