Minecraft 1.18.2 Snapshot 22w03a for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed

New Java snapshot (Image via Mojang)
New Java snapshot (Image via Mojang)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

The first Minecraft snapshot of 2022 has finally arrived. After the release of the Caves & Cliffs Part II update, Java Edition has barely received any new snapshots since the version 1.18.1 release.

Many players anticipated a new snapshot for Java Edition as Bedrock Edition has received multiple versions after the massive Caves & Cliffs update. After weeks of waiting, Java players have finally received a new snapshot.

Unfortunately, snapshot 22w03a has no features related to The Wild Update. This snapshot showcases bug fixes and changes coming in the 1.18.2 update. Here are the official patch notes for snapshot 22w03a.

Minecraft 1.18.2 Snapshot 22w03a for Java Edition

We've now shipped Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a, adding a /placefeature command and fixing lots of bugs. This is the first snapshot for version…

Minecraft snapshot 22w03a has no new content related to The Wild Update. Instead, developers are planning to release the 1.18.2 update to fix certain bugs and add some changes.

Changes in snapshot 22w03a

  • The popular zero number seed is not handled as a special case anymore.
  • The game will now trim any spaces before or after an inputted seed
  • Unlike other chests, ender chests are no longer gift wrapped around Christmas

Technical changes in snapshot 22w03a

  • The locate command now uses a namespaced id parameter
  • Added command: placefeature


There is a new command that places a configured feature at a given location. Syntax: placefeature <id> [pos]


  • id: The namespaced id of a configured feature to place
  • pos: The position to use as the origin for the feature placement (if omitted, ~ ~ ~ is used)

Major bug fixes in snapshot 22w03a

The following bugs have been fixed in the new Minecraft snapshot:

  • Standing on entities with solid collision boxes (shulkers, boats) kicks you for flying.
  • Server: Entering a boat/minecart/horse while going upwards from jumping causes a kick for flying.
  • Underwater fog doesn’t hide the edge of chunks correctly at low render distances.
  • Blindness does not work underwater for certain graphics cards.
  • Kicked for flying using trident with Riptide enchantment.
  • Twisting vines don’t reliably protect the player from fall damage.
  • Pointed dripstone can form below some non-full (non-solid) blocks.
  • Sky background is visible in certain reduced fog situations.
  • Meadow trees can spawn without bee nests.
  • Snow/powder snow can generate underwater.
  • Snow/powder snow can generate underwater.
  • Suffocation always uses the entity head center position for predicate and collision box.

Many other bugs have also been fixed in snapshot 22w03a. Interested players can check out the entire patch on the official Minecraft website.

Players can expect Mojang release to 1.18.2 update with all the above changes and fixes soon. Once this bug fix update is out, Mojang may release a new snapshot of the Minecraft 1.19 update.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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