Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

Allay is finally here (Image via Mojang)
Allay is finally here (Image via Mojang)

Mojang released the first experimental snapshot for Minecraft The Wild Update a few days ago. This snapshot ushered in a new era in the game, which will make it horrifying. Bedrock beta is safe from the terror of the warden as deep dark caves haven't been added yet.

Today, Mojang released a new Bedrock beta/preview featuring adorable allay for the first time. Allay is the winner of the mob vote held during the annual live event in 2021. Since then, many players have been awaiting allay's release

The wait is finally over as Mojang has added allays to the Overworld. Players can download version to test the allay themselves. Here are the patch notes for Bedrock beta

Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes



Allay has finally been added to Minecraft Bedrock Edition as a development feature. After frogs and tadpoles, Bedrock players can also use

  • Allay can pick the same items from the world as it holds in its hand.
  • If an allay holds an item it got from a player, it will follow that player.
  • The allay can drop items at nearby note blocks.
  • When playing a note block near an allay, that Note Block becomes the allays favorite note block for 30 seconds, and the allay will attempt to drop off items at the note block rather than at the player.
  • If an allay has items in its inventory, it will attempt to give them to its owner.
  • The allay sometimes spawns in cages next to pillager outposts (like iron golem) using effects.

Changes to deep dark cave blocks

As allay has now got its much-awaited debut, developers can add to the horror of deep dark caves, the warden. In the latest beta, developers have made many changes to sculk blocks and the darkness effect. Players can expect to face the warden in Bedrock Edition soon.

  • Changed Sculk Catalyst block to match recent redesign in Java Edition
  • Sculk sensors now make no activation sound when waterlogged
  • Vibrations are now also occluded by wool blocks
  • Darkness effect works the same way as it does in Java Edition

As usual, Minecraft Bedrock beta has tons of bug fixes. Developers have been fixing reported bugs and issues left and right to allow players to have a smooth experience playing the game. Interested players can read the full patch notes on Minecraft's official website.