Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update part 2: Official release announcement, world generation changes, and more

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Caves & Cliffs (Image via Mojang)
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The Caves & Cliffs update part 2 will be one of the most significant updates in the history of Minecraft. It will introduce game-changing features and items for players.

Caves & Cliffs was a single update initially, but Mojang decided to split it into two parts. The first part has already been released, adding new mobs, blocks, and items to Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update part 2


Release date and snapshots

As of now, no specific release date for Minecraft 1.18 has been disclosed. However, Mojang has revealed that the update will come out later this year in one of their articles. It is expected to come out during the winter.

If all goes well for the developers, the 1.18 snapshots will be released in September. They have also released three experimental snapshots. Some of the upcoming features are also available in beta versions for Bedrock Edition.

New features and changes

Biomes and world generation

A large lush cave (Image via Minecraft)
A large lush cave (Image via Minecraft)

Three new cave biomes will be introduced in the update: lush caves, dripstone caves, and the deep dark. Two of these biomes are already available to test in the beta versions and experimental snapshots. They will generate underground and inside mountains.

Six new mountain sub biomes will also generate in version 1.18 of Minecraft: mountain meadows, lofty peaks, snowy slopes, snow-capped peaks, mountain groves, and stony peaks.

Beaches have been made wider, and in some places that don't generate anymore. The height limit of the world increased to 384 blocks and the world depth to -64. The height of the clouds is also going up from 128 to 192.


Bundles (Image via Minecraft)
Bundles (Image via Minecraft)

Once the update is released, players can use two new items: bundles and goat horns. With the addition of so many new blocks, Mojang has decided to add bundles that will help the players manage their inventories.

There are sixty-four slots in each bundle, but they work in a different way than the inventory. Instead of a stack, a single bundle slot can hold a single item. Using all the slots, gamers can store one stack of an item or multiple items that can be stacked. Only one unstackable item, such as a pickaxe, can be kept in the bundle.

In the beta version, if players click on the use button while holding a horn, it shows the eating animation and makes a horn noise. The use of goat horns is still unknown, but it has been confirmed that features related to it will come in future updates.

Mob and sculk

A sculk sensor (Image via Minecraft)
A sculk sensor (Image via Minecraft)

During the Minecraft 2020 event, sculk growth in the deep dark was revealed by Mojang. Sculk sensors are one of the sculk blocks that users can use to create wireless redstone contraptions. It can detect vibrations and emit redstone signals.

Along with sculk, the warden was also showcased at the event. It is a blind mob that spawns in the deep dark. This creature will always attack players once it detects vibrations that reveal their location.

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