How to get a Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.18

Smooth Stone in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Smooth Stone in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft, unlike many games of its time (which refers to the last ten or so years), uses actual blocks and pixellated graphics to make up its worlds and everything in them. The amount of blocks in the game is staggering.

While many blocks are used solely for the purpose of decoration, others, like the smooth stone, serve specific purposes and can be used for different aspects of the player’s survival in the game.

Some utility blocks include furnaces, crafting tables, smithing tables, grindstones, enchanting tables, anvils, and more. On the other hand, decoration blocks include more than 50% of the game's blocks. However, the three most popular choices in building are terracotta, powdered concrete, and concrete.

Smooth Stone: Where and how to get the block in Minecraft 1.18

Smooth stone is a variant of one of Minecraft's most common blocks: stone. Stone can be found almost everywhere in the vast, dynamically-generated worlds of Minecraft. Players can find stone a few blocks below them by punching the surface layer of dirt blocks, as stone makes up a large chunk of the world layer below the surface. Other places to acquire stone are caves, igloos, ruined portals, and more.

Smooth stone is a little bit harder to find than regular stone. This is because it only occurs naturally in one place, which is inside some village houses. However, it is imperative that the village should be inside a plains, savanna, or snowy plains biome.

To mine a block of smooth stone, players will need a pickaxe. The block will drop nothing if mined with the player’s bare hands, similar to stone itself.

How to craft

As for the crafting process of smooth stone blocks, the method is a little more tricky as it requires regular stone. As players might know, when a regular stone is mined out of the overworld’s surfaces, it only drops the cobblestone block. Therefore, players will need to imbue their pickaxe with a special enchantment known as Silk Touch in order to mine the block in its natural form.

I have a smooth stone factory on #APMinecraft! How to Make a Smooth Stone Generator! | Adults Play Minecraft 2 #4 | Minecraft Bedrock SMP

Players will need to find diamonds and obsidian in order to approach the enchanting process in Minecraft. Two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and one book are needed to construct an enchantment table. Therefore, players will have to find at least five diamonds to begin enchanting, as three of them will be used to construct a diamond pickaxe.

Additionally, Lapis Lazuli is a blue-colored mineral found deep underground that will be necessary in order to enchant items. Finally, players will need a ton of experience levels (30 to be safe) for the maximum level of enchantments to be acquired, which, hopefully, will include the Silk Touch enchantment.

The recipe


The recipe for making smooth stone solely requires a regular stone to be smelted using a fuel source inside a furnace or a blast furnace. A tutorial on the block and its recipe are given above in the video by YouTuber Attack of the Fanboy.

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