Minecraft 2b2t server timeline, address, version, and more

The 2b2t server world (Image via u/bober04/Reddit)
The 2b2t server world (Image via u/bober04/Reddit)

The Minecraft 2b2t server is well-known in the community. It is one of the oldest running servers with hundreds of concurrent players.

Usually, servers in the game have a long list of rules and regulations that need to be followed, but 2b2t is different. It is an anarchy server that has no rules whatsoever.

Minecraft, too, has its fair share of hackers and griefers who can wreak havoc on any server they join, but their main hunting ground is 2b2t. It is the oldest anarchy server in the game, running strong since 2010, even before the game's official release. It has a long and chaotic history, making it the most dangerous yet fascinating server.

All you need to know about Minecraft 2b2t server


Early History of 2b2t

Although it is impossible to cover the entire timeline of 2b2t in one article, we can see how it came into being. The idea of this Minecraft server came from another game's server, Garry's Mod, which then got transferred to Minecraft's server in 2010. Thus, 2b2t was born.

An old base on the 2b2t server in 2013 (Image via u/Tzazon/Reddit)
An old base on the 2b2t server in 2013 (Image via u/Tzazon/Reddit)

The founders of the server are anonymous to this day. Players only know them through their username in the game, Hausmaster. Since its humble beginnings, hundreds of users have flocked to the server due to the freedom it offers.

Life on the server was simple back then, but soon, due to the sheer freedom, some gamers started going rogue.

Fast forward to the present day, and 2b2t has seen over seven hundred thousand players over 12 years. The server size grew to a whopping 13.3 terabytes, making it one of the biggest servers in the game.

Experience in 2b2t

If players want to join the server, they will have to wait long because there are hundreds of players joining constantly. Hence, users have to wait in queue for hours.

A 2b2t spawn (Image via Imgur)
A 2b2t spawn (Image via Imgur)

Once gamers are in, they will spawn in an area dedicated to new players, who won't be able to recognize the game because of the amount of destruction and unnatural terrain. They will have to act fast, as other powerful players in the server might come and kill them, as it is an anarchy server and anything is possible.

Surviving in 2b2t is one of the toughest tasks in the game. Hundreds of hackers roam on this server, waiting to fight users and finish them by unfair means. Hence, the experience can be daunting.

Version and IP address of the server

2b2t runs on an older version of the game, 1.12.2, though the server admins are testing the 1.16 version and may decide to switch the server to a new version. Players can join the 2b2t server here.