6 best blocks for Minecraft castle build in 2022

Castles can vary in block usage (Image via u/Captain_Pyrite on Reddit)
Castles can vary in block usage (Image via u/Captain_Pyrite on Reddit)

Building is a huge part of Minecraft. While mining or crafting is central to gameplay, the building is arguably just as important as those other aspects. It's nearly impossible to get through a world without building anything, though speedrunners tend to avoid building from time to time. Building is often the first or second thing players do when they load into a new world.

Almost anything can be built in Minecraft. Whether that's a real-life replica or a house made of dirt, it doesn't matter. Castles are a popular choice for many builders because they're amazing, and they can look pretty cool.

Several different kinds of building blocks are great for castles. The following are the best ones to use in the latest version of Minecraft.

Castle building in Minecraft requires carefully selected blocks

6) Smooth stone

Smooth stone is on top (Image via Mojang)
Smooth stone is on top (Image via Mojang)

Smooth stone is a solid block to use for castles, much like the majority of stone blocks. Smooth stone is a little difficult to obtain because it requires the stone to be smelted, which usually means smelting cobblestone. This will take a while, so building a castle out of that block will largely mean waiting around.

Still, it looks good and is a little lighter in color than most other stone blocks, making a unique castle.

5) Stone bricks


Stone bricks are a great block because they look a little classier than standard stone blocks. They're refined, which makes the castle stand out. Stone bricks are crafted with stone, which can sometimes be a pain to collect (cobblestone can be smelted, or Silk Touch pickaxes can be used to mine). These are typically used as an accent block, but they can make cool castles.

4) Mossy cobblestone


Mossy cobblestone makes things look a little more natural and older. After a long time, a castle that was built would have vines and mossy cobblestone, making this block a great choice for building a castle.

It can be crafted using vines, but it also generates naturally in Taiga biomes and the Stronghold.

3) Colored glass blocks


Glass blocks are vital to any castle in Minecraft because they provide windows. No house, or castle for that matter, would be without windows, so they're nearly vital. Additionally, using the right color of glass blocks in the castle can make it pop and stand above others like it.

Glass is made from smelting sand and can then be dyed with any color dye and turned into panes if necessary.

2) Cobblestone

A cobblestone castle is a classic (Image via A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT on YouTube)
A cobblestone castle is a classic (Image via A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT on YouTube)

Cobblestone is the classic block for castles. It looks great like a castle should, but the true pull for cobblestone is accessibility. With the only exception being perhaps dirt, the stone is the most abundant block in Minecraft. Mining it produces cobblestone, so there are no extra steps for crafters to get this particular block.

Most gamers have this block readily available, too, which helps make the build go by faster.

1) Cobbled deepslate


Cobblestone used to be the best block to use until cobbled deepslate was added in the 1.17 update. It quickly became the best block to use for a lot of things, castles included. It's much darker than cobblestone, so it looks better. It's equally as easy to get, too. Minecraft players have to go below Y level 0 to find it.

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