Minecraft Redditor builds a surprisingly beautiful dirt house

Dirt house build (Image via u/Barbaq22 Reddit)
Dirt house build (Image via u/Barbaq22 Reddit)

The Minecraft Reddit page is filled with loads of talented players showcasing their stunning builds. Recently, a Minecraft redditor named 'u/Barbaq22' posted their base which was uniquely built with the help of dirt and moss blocks.

Although dirt and grass blocks are some of the least aesthetically pleasing blocks for building in the game, this build surprisingly looks beautiful. The only other blocks used were moss blocks and different types of wood.

Even if there are no stronger stone blocks used, this build looks structurally sound.

Reactions from other redditors on the beautiful Minecraft build

The player made the main entrance to the main dome. Furthermore, they made small huts and farms surrounding the main structure. They also decorated the interiors with glowberries and soul lanterns. Many other Minecraft redditors flocked to the post to appreciate the build and the effort put into making it.

Interior of the main dome (Image via u/Barbaq22 Reddit)
Interior of the main dome (Image via u/Barbaq22 Reddit)

As the Minecraft redditor posted many photos of the build, showing it from every angle and location, there were many who picked their favorite photo. Some liked the interior look of the dome, with stunning sunrays entering the build from the top, others liked the farm built near the small huts.

Some people asked the redditor about the time it took to build the whole base. The latter replied that it took them 127 in-game days. For a build this big, the player made it quite quickly.

Many of them also pointed out that there weren't enough dirt blocks in the build to truly call it a 'dirt house.' The creator of the build agreed and reasoned that the dirt block was too noisy in texture, hence they mixed some grass and moss blocks.

Many people appreciated the unique earthly color palette used by the player to build the structure. As dirt and grass blocks are not usually utilized for a build, many players were intrigued by the beauty of their incorporation. Some suggested to rename the build to 'earth house', as it had green colored blocks as well.

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