Minecraft Achievement Guide: Chestful of Cobblestone

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Minecraft players earn this achievement by mining 1,728 pieces of cobblestone and then placing them all in a chest.

Mining is one of the core activities for players to enjoy in the world of Minecraft. It is through this activity that players can find necessary crafting materials to make high quality equipment. As a matter of fact, many players can probably look back fondly on the first time they found diamonds deep underground.

In order to find diamonds and other precious resources, players likely had to mine through an obscene amount of stone. This probably filled up the bags of numerous players with heaps upon heaps of cobblestone. What some players do not know, is there is actually achievement that can be earned by players who collected a bunch of cobblestone.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can obtain the "Chestful of Cobblestone" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Chestful of Cobblestone


Mining is one of the core aspects of Minecraft gameplay; the word "mine" is in the name of the game after all. In order to escalate the speed of the mining process, players will need to get their hands on a pickaxe.

Pickaxes can be crafted by combining two sticks and three units of tool material. For example a diamond pickaxe can be crafted with two sticks and three diamonds. This guide outlines how to craft the four main tools within Minecraft, with visual aides and crafting recipes.

Cobblestone can be acquired by mining stone blocks, which are incredibly common and can be found all across the Overworld of Minecraft. Stone can be found almost everywhere underground and is the main block that makes up caves, mountains, and other geological structures in the Minecraft world.

Minecraft players who wish to earn this achievement will be required to mine 27 stacks worth of cobblestone. At 64 pieces of cobblestone per stack, that means that players have to mine a whopping 1,728 pieces of cobblestone.

Once players have gathered all of this cobblestone, they will just need to pop all of 27 stacks of cobblestone into a chest. Chests can be found naturally generated into the game at a variety of locations such as shipwrecks and inside some of the houses found in villages.

It is possible that players would eventually get this achievement just by naturally playing the game. However, not every player typically holds on to this much cobblestone and eventually ends up throwing some away.

To earn the achievement, players will just need to mine a lot of cobblestone and then put each completed stack into a chest. Players will not be able to cheat the system by getting cobblestone from a friend or somewhere else in-game.

Minecraft players need to have mined 1,728 pieces of cobblestone in order to be eligible for the achievement. However, players technically do not have to fill a chest with the cobblestone they mined. A chest must be filled with any 27 stacks of cobblestone, after the Minecraft players has mined that many for themselves.

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