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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Free Diver

Steve standing on a magma block that is underwater in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Steve standing on a magma block that is underwater in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the "Free Diver" achievement by staying underwater for two minutes.

Unlike many other Minecraft Bedrock achievements, there are a handful of different ways for players to get this particular achievement. To complete it, players simply need to spend two straight minutes underwater.

Methods that players can utilize include using a potion of water breathing, activating a conduit, or crouching on top of a magma block. All three of these methods will work, and each player can choose which method makes the most sense for them.

This article breaks down how players can obtain the "Free Diver" achievement in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, by providing a variety of different methods for completion.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Free Diver

As mentioned previously, there are three main ways that players can complete this achievement. Probably the simplest and most straightforward method is using a potion of water breathing.

This potion can be quickly brewed with one nether wart, a pufferfish, and a water bottle at a brewing stand.


By default the potion of water breathing will last for a total of three minutes, which is far above the two minute threshold required for the "Free Diver" achievement.

Players who want to be extra safe can throw some redstone into the mix, to amplify the length of the potion to a total of eight minutes.

Minecraft players can then chug their potion of water breathing, and hop into some water. After staying underwater for two minutes straight, they will obtain the "Free Diver" achievement on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Instead of just using a potion, players can also use two other methods that are far more clever.

Minecraft players can crouch on a magma block underwater, as the block will produce a whirlpool bubble column. These bubbles will restore a player's breath, so players can simply stay put on the block for two minutes straight.

Conduits can also be utilized as they grant the powerful effect "Conduit Power" to all players in the appropriate radius of the conduit. This powerful magical boon grants water breathing, which players can use to complete the achievement.

As was learned in this article, the "Free Diver" achievement in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is very straightforward. The best part about it is that the achievement allows for players to be creative and use a variety of different methods to obtain it.

Minecraft players may be able to think of even more ways to earn this achievement that are different than the ones listed in this article.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 23:34 IST
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