Minecraft Achievement Guide: Into the Nether

Image via Algoinde/
Image via Algoinde/

To complete this Minecraft achievement, players must steel their hearts and brave entry into the hell-like dimension of the Nether.

The Nether was added into the world of Minecraft way back on October 31, 2010, and has served as place of torment ever since. The five biome types of the Nether are chockful of dangerous hostile mobs, but also contain some of the most precious resources and items that can be found in all of Minecraft.

Take for example the blaze rod, which is essential to igniting the End Portal. Without a way into the End, players would be unable to face the Ender Dragon and ultimately beat the game.

This article will be breaking down how players can venture into the Nether in Minecraft, unlocking the "Into the Nether" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Into the Nether


This achievement is awarded to Minecraft players, upon successful entry into the dark realms of the Nether. The most straightforward way for players to achieve this task will be by constructing their very own Nether Portal.

To craft a Nether Portal, players will need to gather a minimum of 10 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is created when water and lave flow into one another. Unfortunately for players just starting out in a new Minecraft world, obsidian is rather durable and quite hard to break.

In order to actually gather any obsidian that is generated, players will need to have at least a diamond quality pickaxe. In order to have easier access to diamonds, there are some specific Minecraft seeds that will provide players much quicker access.

Image via SparkofPhoenixENG/YouTube
Image via SparkofPhoenixENG/YouTube

To craft a Nether Portal, players will need to arrange blocks of obsidian in a minimum of a 4x5 frame. The outside four corners do not need to be placed in order to activate the Nether Portal. This means that players do not need to spend time or expend resources to gather four extra blocks worth of obsidian.

Once the portal is complete, players can ignite the portal by using a flint and steel. For convenience, a full video on how to complete and enter the Nether has been included inside of this article.

There is an advanced technique for Nether Portal crafting that does not involve using a diamond pickaxe at all. Those who are interested in learning more, can view Minecraft speedrunner Illumina completing this neat trick in this article.

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