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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Leader Of The Pack

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Modified 16 Feb 2021

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the "Leader Of The Pack" achievement by befriending and taming five wolves in the wild.

Wolves are fluffy yet ferocious mobs that are found naturally in the wilds of Minecraft. Minecraft players, who encounter these mobs, have the ability to tame them into a loyal pet and companion. Taming a wolf requires players to find them and use a specific item.

Once Minecraft Bedrock players have tamed a total of five wolves across all of their game worlds, they will receive a pretty nifty achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Leader Of The Pack

To earn the "Leader Of The Pack" achievement, Minecraft players will need to befriend and tame five different wolves.

Wolves can be found naturally in a bunch of different biomes in Minecraft. These include forests, taigas, giant tree taigas, snowy taiga, and almost all of their unique variations.

Minecraft players will typically find wolves in packs of about four, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to earning this achievement.


To tame a wolf in Minecraft, players will need to feed an untamed wolf with bones. Each bone has about a 1/3 chance of successfully taming the wolf.

This means that Minecraft players may need as little as five bones to earn this achievement, but unlucky players may need far more.

The amount of bones that are required is completely random and simply up to chance and RNG.

Bones can be acquired as a drop from killing skeletons, wither skeletons, skeleton horses, and strays. On Bedrock Edition, players can also get bones very quickly by killing salmon, cod, pufferfish, and tropical fish.

Minecraft players can also obtain bones as one of the junk items from fishing.

Minecraft players will know that they have successfully tamed a wolf when the wolf gains a red collar. Floating red hearts will also pop-up. This will serve as a visual cue.

The world or worlds that Minecraft players tame all five wolves on is completely up to them. The achievement can be completed on a single world or escalate the task by utilizing copy worlds.

Minecraft Bedrock players can get a handful of bones and locate a wolf on a single world. From there, they can make a copy of that world as many times as required and then tame that wolf on different copy worlds.

This method allows players to earn the achievement at a rapid pace, instead of needing to find five different wolves all in the same world.


Once Minecraft Bedrock players have tamed five wolves, they will earn the "Leader Of The Pack" achievement.

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Published 16 Feb 2021, 00:26 IST
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