Minecraft Achievement Guide: We're being attacked!

A pillager raid in Minecraft. (Image via
A pillager raid in Minecraft. (Image via

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the "We're being attacked!" achievement by triggering the start of a pillager raid for the first time.

Pillager raids are an epic event in Minecraft, where players need to defend a Minecraft village against multiple waves of illager forces. To emerge victorious, players will need to withstand bolts from crossbows, magic from Evokers, and even take on a massive Ravager.

Minecraft players who are able to successfully defend the villagers of the village that was raided, will be proclaimed a hero and given the "Hero of the Village" status effect. As a reward, players with this effect will be given gifts by villagers (Java Edition only) and recieve substantial discounts when it comes to trading.

However, to even have a chance of accessing these perks, players will first need to trigger a pillager raid.

This article breaks down how to trigger a pillager raid in Minecraft, and thus explains how to obtain the "We're being attacked!" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: We're being attacked!


To trigger the start of a pillager raider, Minecraft players need to enter any village in the game while they have the Bad Omen status effect.

This means that in order to get a pillager raid to happen, Minecraft players are going to need to acquire the Bad Omen status effect. The only way to obtain the this magical effect is by killing a Raid captain mob.

Raid captains are pillager or vindicator mobs, or on rare occasions, evoker mobs on Java Edition, that spawn with an ominous banner above their head. These mobs can always be found as part of pillager patrols and can also typically be found inside of pillager outposts.

On Bedrock Edition, patrols typically spawn around 24-48 blocks away from an active player once conditions have been met. Patrols will only begin to spawn after a total of around 100 minutes, or 5 in-game days, has passed on each individual game world.

Patrols can spawn in every biome with the exception of mushroom fields, mushroom field shores, the Nether, the End, rivers, frozen rivers, snowy tundras, snowy mountains, and legacy frozen oceans.

Pillager Outpost structures can be found all throughout the Overworld of Minecraft, but players can refer to this guide if they are having difficulty locating one on their particular game world.

Once a player has killed a villager captain, they will immeidately recieve the Bad Omen status effect. There is a rather large visual cue that appears on screen on Bedrock Edition, so it will be hard for players to miss it.

Minecraft players who have the effect will just need to walk into any village in the game and a pillager raid will begin, thus earning players the "We're being attacked" achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Players should note that pillager raids can be rather challenging, especially on higher difficulties, so they should either be fully prepared for an epic battle or ready to quickly perish after earning the achievement.

In terms of preperation, a full set of armor, a powerful sword, food, and maybe even a few helpful potions are strongly recommended.

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