Minecraft Advancement Guide: The End

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Minecraft players earn this advancement upon entering the End dimension for the first time.

The advancement system is Minecraft's way of allowing players to track their individual progress while playing the game. They will earn various advancements based on tasks they complete, comprised of varying difficulties from easier to harder.

This particular advancement requires Minecraft players to travel to the game's final frontier, where the final boss resides. Locating the End Portal and getting it activated can be a rather tricky process for new players, or perhaps some just need a refresher.

This article breaks down how Minecraft players can obtain the "The End" advancement.

Minecraft Advancement Guide: The End


For Minecraft players to earn this advancement, they need to understand how to get into the End dimension.

Minecraft players can enter the End dimension by using an End Portal, found inside the portal rooms of a Stronghold, the location of which is unique to every seed. However, they typically follow a code for how and where that they can be generated in-game.

To find the End Portal in a new Minecraft world, players can utilize a crafted item called eyes of ender. Unfortunately, these are not the simplest for players to get their hands on and requires them to enter the Nether to gather key ingredients and items.

Here is a complete guide on how to build a Nether Portal and access the Nether.

Image via CaptainSparklez/YouTube
Image via CaptainSparklez/YouTube

When in the Nether, players will need to gather different items. These include blaze powder and ender pearls, which are the two materials required to craft eyes of ender.

Blaze rods can be converted into blaze powder and drop from blazes found inside a Nether Fortress. Players can obtain ender pearls by slaying Enderman in the Overworld, but that tends to take a great deal of time. The best bet would be to barter gold for ender pearls with piglins.

Eyes of ender can be created by combining ender pearls and blaze powder in a crafting window.

Twelve eyes of ender are needed to activate the End Portal found in a portal room. Minecraft players will also need to expend some eyes of ender to locate the End Portal, if they have not already done so.

Image via mcspotlights/YouTube
Image via mcspotlights/YouTube

The exact number of eyes of ender each player will need alters from seed to seed. However, it is smart to lean on the safer side and gather extra if a player is not trying to speedrun.

When eyes of ender are used in the Minecraft Overworld, they act like a homing beacon that leads players to the End Portal. Once players locate it, they can use their eyes of ender on the surrounding blocks to activate it. When done, all they need to do is hop inside the portal to get the advancement.

There is a lot of information to absorb here, so a video explanation has been included for additional assistance and guidance.

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