Minecraft fans can expect the Tricky Trials update date to be revealed this week

Minecraft 1.21 update
Minecraft Tricky Trials update (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft has had an exciting few days as the game celebrated its 15th anniversary. The game was released to the public in 2009 and since then, it has managed to flourish and become a global success. The 15-day event has been successful and exciting for most players, but as the event inches toward the end, players can expect some big announcements.

Players are eagerly waiting for the Minecraft 1.21 update, officially named ‘Tricky Trials’. This will introduce a ton of new items, mobs, and even a new palatial area called the trial chambers to the game. As expected, the excitement is off the charts. So let’s find out what we have got from this event and what the final day will bring.

Minecraft might announce the Tricky Trials update date

Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary (Image via Mojang Studios)
Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary (Image via Mojang Studios)

Mojang Studios is working hard on bringing new updates and bug fixes to the game. Understandably, they are taking their time with the Tricky Trials update; with a movie in production, the 15th-anniversary event, and an upcoming MC Championship event, it seems that everyone at Mojang Studios barely has any time to spare.

Since the anniversary has directed the attention of almost everyone towards the game, there could not be a better time than this to make their next big announcement - the release date for the Tricky Trials update.

The anniversary event was a big win for Mojang Studios, and Tricky Trials is one of the most fleshed-out and impactful updates the game has seen in years. If the developers do announce the release date, it will give the event the best possible conclusion, while maintaining excitement for the game.

One of the highlights of the event was the much-awaited 15th-anniversary cape, also known as the ‘creeper cape’ owing to the way it looks. The cape was a hot topic for discussion with players wondering if it would be released or not.

The same is true for the release date of the Tricky Trials update. Mojang Studios is going at a good pace, releasing patch notes and snapshots to ensure that the final update is released as soon as possible. While the update can be released by the end of fall this year, or even during the holidays, starting of June would be the best time to reveal the release date.

The Tricky Trials update adds the Breeze in Minecraft, which can be found in the trial chambers. It also adds the mace, the bogged skeleton, and the vault and trial key.

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