Minecraft Java Edition 22w16a Snapshot Patch Notes: New music disc, fragments, how to download, and more

New snapshot 22w16a (Image via Mojang)
New snapshot 22w16a (Image via Mojang)

It’s a Wednesday, and lo and behold, Mojang has released a new snapshot of the Minecraft 1.19 update. Developments for The Wild Update seem to be going pretty smoothly as developers continue to release a new snapshot every week.

Recent snapshots have introduced exciting and unexpected features like echo shard and recovery compass. This week’s snapshot, 22w16a, is no different as it brings a new item called disc fragments and a new music disc called Music Disc 5.

Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w16a also features many tweaks to allays, frogs, froglights, and more. Here are the patch notes for the newly released 1.19 snapshot 22w16a.

Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w16a patch notes

New features in snapshot 22w16a

  • Added new music
  • Added Disc Fragment 5 and Music Disc 5

New music

A new update means new music tracks. The Wild Update brings four new music tracks - Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine. These music tracks will be played in different biomes and on the main menu.

Based on their names, players can guess that Ancestry is related to deep dark caves, firebugs will probably play in swamps, and Aerie and Labyrinthine are mysterious. Players can play the snapshot and search the Overworld to find these tracks.

Music Disc 5 and Disc Fragments


Minecraft snapshot 22w16a also features a new terrifying music disc. However, this music disc is different than other existing music discs. Players cannot find Music Disc 5 as it can only be crafted using 9 Disc Fragments.

Disc Fragments are a newly added loot item found inside chests in ancient cities. Oddly enough, this music doesn’t have a name, while every other music disc comes with a name.

Changes in snapshot 22w16a

  • Allay tweaks
  • Improved the predictability of many gameplay elements
  • Frogs can now spawn on Grass, Mud, Moss Carpet, Mangrove Roots, and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Froglights are now movable by pistons

Tweaks to allay

  • Allay health raised from 10 to 20
  • Delay after item throw lowered from 5 secs to 3 secs
  • Item search range increased from 9 to 32
  • Movement speed changes:
  • Allay is now slower when just wandering
  • Allay is now faster when collecting items, going to the player, or going to a noteblock
  • Throw arc has changed following community feedback

Minecraft snapshot 22w16a also features several technical changes and bug fixes. Interested players can check the official patch notes to learn about every change in the latest snapshot.

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