Minecraft player shares an interesting theory about the End dimension's name

One Minecraft fan has come up with their own idea of how the End got its name.
One Minecraft fan has an intriguing idea about the End and why it's named that (Image via Mojang)

Players enjoy speculating about Minecraft's End dimension and the endermen/Ender Dragon within it. How did this strange space come to be, and what are the goals of its inhabitants? Plenty of theories have floated around, but Redditor u/totallynotdragonxex shared their thoughts in a post to the game's subreddit on December 29, 2023.

According to u/totallynotdragonxex's theory, Minecraft's End dimension isn't just some realm floating around in space, but the same world players know at the end of time, where endermen have successfully collapsed the Overworld and the Nether into nothingness. They believe that if endermen exist to unmake dimensions, then the End is a place in time where they've succeeded in doing so.

Fans discuss Minecraft theory about the End dimension

According to a player named u/minecraftsuperpro on Reddit, the theory tracks with a design document written by Mojang about endermen. According to lead designer Jens "Jeb" Bergensten, endermen were created with lore stating that they were attempting to cause all other dimensions to collapse. This would presumptively mean that they aim to destroy the Overworld/Nether piece by piece.

If players successfully finish an End portal and make their way to the empty dimension, then maybe they aren't headed to a new dimension where the endermen reside. Instead, they've been shuttled through time to a place where the Overworld and Nether have been completely unmade, leaving the strange liminal space of the End as the only habitable location.

This interesting Minecraft theory naturally led to some questions among Minecraft fans. Specifically, if the End is a point in the future, why do the endermen have the ability to go to the Overworld/Nether since they can't make their own portals? u/Mrcoolcatgaming suggested that there might be a Bootstrap Paradox at play, wherein endermen were sent back in time to ensure that they were successful in the future.

Other questions naturally arose, surrounding the reasoning as to why endermen presumptively built cities/ships and what "free the End" actually means when the Ender Dragon is beaten. Is the boss a benefactor, preventing endermen from destroying the other dimensions?

One has to wonder just how much credence this new angle on Minecraft's most mysterious dimension might have. Some documentation by Mojang may support it, but it's unclear how closely the developers stick to their documents. Whatever the case, u/totallynotdragonxex's theory has left fans with plenty of things to consider and discuss in the future.

Is the End a space between dimensions? Is it a point in the timeline where the worst has transpired? Are the endermen arguably Minecraft's most sinister inhabitants? It's unlikely Mojang will set the record straight, as theory crafting about the universe and story helps keep the game alive, but it would at least be nice if they offered a small nugget of information just to clarify things.

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