Minecraft Preview: Everything you need to know

The Preview program (Image via Mojang)
The Preview program (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft often releases snapshots, betas, and previews to test new features or get ready for a big update. A few of those have been released recently as Mojang moves closer to the 1.19 Wild Update.

A Preview is a different version of the game that allows players to try the new features and updates that have been released. The Preview is considered an evolution of the Beta program for Bedrock, and snapshots are for Java Edition. Here's everything players need to know about the Preview program:

Minecraft Preview: A complete guide

Here's what Mojang had to say about the Preview:

"Minecraft Preview is an evolution of the Bedrock Beta program. While our Betas are currently limited to Xbox, Windows, and Android, Minecraft Preview will let us expand to additional platforms."

Those additional platforms start with iOS, Xbox, and Windows 10/11 and eventually expand further. Additionally, instead of having to choose between the Beta Preview or the officially released version of the game, both can be done on the same console.

Preview (Image via echoxsoldier on Twitter)
Preview (Image via echoxsoldier on Twitter)

Here's how to download the Preview for the most recent release,

  • For iOS users, they can visit this website. It has a list of supported platforms and instructions on how to sign up.
  • On Windows, players can visit this site. As long as they own Bedrock Edition, there should be an install button there.
  • Xbox Insiders (the Preview is not available to all Xbox users) can follow the instructions above.

As for Xbox Game Pass users, Mojang had this to say:

"Minecraft Preview is now available on Windows PC for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers. Minecraft Preview will also be added to Game Pass for Console later this year."
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Alternatively, players who can't join the Preview can still try out the Beta. For Windows players, here's how to opt-in:

  1. Search for Xbox Insider Hub on Windows store.
  2. Install the app or open it.
  3. Click Join.
  4. Read terms before confirming and click to Join.
  5. Open up and play the game with the new Beta.

Xbox players can do the same on the Xbox Insider App, which can be found on the Microsoft store. For Android players, the opt-ins can be found on the game's page of the Google Play Store.

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For more information, gamers should check the official Mojang website. The links for the Preview for certain platforms can also be found there.

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