Minecraft Redditor animates hilarious diamond battle between Steve and Alex

It's Steve vs. Alex (Image via u/hongyatta on Reddit)

In Minecraft, there are a lot of essential things. Those things might also be worth fighting for. Diamonds could be considered one of those things since having them automatically sets up a crafter well for the rest of the game.

A Minecraft Redditor took this idea and ran with it. People in worlds together have often fought over anything they might have needed, especially diamonds.

They decided to animate a hilarious battle over a diamond between Steve and Alex, the game's two protagonists. What resulted was a hilarious video with absolutely stunning animation. Check it out below:

Minecraft player stuns community with a beautiful animation of a hilarious encounter

Diamonds are significant. Players have been killed over them before, so the fact that this battle plays out is entirely relatable. They're arguably an essential item in the game, so even one is worth conflict.

This animation is tremendous. It looks like a perfect anime television show, but a Minecraft player made it for fun. A professional animation studio couldn't have done much better.

It's an inspiring work of art that has wowed the community.

Here's how it went down. Steve mined a diamond out of a few ores that Alex had just found. She was preparing to mine them herself when Steve swooped in and grabbed the diamond.

She naturally wanted the diamond since it is the most critical resource in the game. She chased him out of the cave, but he blocked the entrance. When she got out, it triggered a PvP battle.

The animation was crisp, the sound effects were hilarious, and the fight choreography was stunningly good. The two fought endlessly, even hostile mobs being too afraid to get close to them.

One of the final shots (Image via u/hongyatta on Reddit)
One of the final shots (Image via u/hongyatta on Reddit)

Ironically, the fight continued for so long that the diamond ended up over a pool of lava. The two lunged forward for it before realizing as much, and it can only be assumed they and the diamond perished in the lava.

The community has loved this post. Not only is it clean animation, but it's also hilarious and relatable. They've given it tons of positive attention and love in the comments section.

One commenter thought the lack of awareness on display was instead on the nose.

One commenter wanted to see more from this creator.

Others were stunned by the quality of animation on display here.

One player noted one of the best shots of the entire animation.

Perhaps a Minecraft television show might be in the works based on this. The community seems to like that idea.

Diamonds are more important than friendship between two characters.

A few Redditors found the ending of the animation hilarious.

And end credits as death notifications would have been perfect.

The community has genuinely appreciated this work, which is good because it undoubtedly took the original artist a lot of time to pull off. They've given it over 18 thousand upvotes in 10 hours at the time of writing.

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