Minecraft Redditor builds a beautiful Guardian farm

Guardian farm (Image via u/LazziJT Reddit)
Guardian farm (Image via u/LazziJT Reddit)

The Minecraft Reddit page is a huge community where players flock from all around the globe to post several pieces of content related to the popular sandbox game. The page offers everything from stunning builds and Redstone contraptions to funny clips and queries.

Recently, a Redditor named "u/LazziJT" posted a photo of a beautiful Guardian farm they made in an ocean monument.

The creator of the build completely transformed the ocean monument and made it look like a natural cave with leaf blocks, grow berries, and amethyst shards. In the middle, they made the farm with glass and deepslate blocks.

In the caption, they also mentioned how this build was originally designed by a Minecraft YouTuber named "Iskall85." He is a hermit craft member who initially conceptualized the build.

Guardians are hostile aquatic mobs that exclusively spawn near ocean monuments. They can drop a good amount of XP points and prismarine shards and crystals. A farm can be made from these mobs as they drop 10 XP points, though making a Guardian farm can be difficult.

People react to the stunning Guardian farm made by the Minecraft Redditor

As the farm looked stunning with all the terraforming and greenery, it attracted many people to the post. It has received over 22 thousand upvotes and loads of positive comments within a day. The build proves how much time the player gave in the project to make it so beautiful.

Even if the design was taken from the Minecraft YouTuber "Iskall85," it still takes effort to build it.

Redditors flooded the comment section with positive feedback and praised the beauty of the farm. They also urged the original poster to upload more photos from different angles. People also humorously stated how this was a beautiful farm for one of the ugliest mobs in the game.

Top view of the farm (Image via u/LazziJT Reddit)
Top view of the farm (Image via u/LazziJT Reddit)

As Iskall85 is a well-known Minecraft YouTuber, many Redditors mentioned him and talked about how he made the build in his tutorial video. They named the build and even posted links to his video. He is a Minecraft veteran and is a part of the famous Hermitcraft server as well.

Overall, the Guardian farm made by the original poster was heavily appreciated by the community. The post still gets loads of upvotes and comments discussing various aspects of the ocean monument, the project of the original poster, and how the farm was made.

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