Minecraft Redditor builds immensely powerful TNT cannon

A TNT cannon model (Image via Mojang)
A TNT cannon model (Image via Mojang)

Aside from the typical swords, axes, and bows, Minecraft has other types of weapons. These generally have to be built and are not easy to get, but they're often highly effective. They utilize redstone and can be powerful if done correctly.

One of these types of weapons is a TNT cannon, which can be built in several ways, but the objective of all of them is the same: to deal maximum damage.

They usually destroy a fair amount of the area they land on, but this Minecraft Redditor created one that does an absurd amount of damage.

Minecraft player builds astonishingly strong TNT cannon

TNT cannons are built in many different ways, but they have one main thing in common: redstone. Redstone is an incredible Minecraft item and has been very important since it was added in the 1.5 update.

That's no different here, as Minecraft users have used it to make TNT cannons and more.

In this case, it's used to make one of the most powerful cannons anyone has yet seen. Most TNT explosions do a little bit of damage around the area, but this one made a significant hole in the sandstone wall that it fired into.

There's no indication of how thick the sandstone wall is, but it is pretty bulky. It's also definitely sandstone because the remaining blocks don't fall to the ground like they would if they were sand.

The TNT also appears to be fired faster than normal. Most TNT cannons launch the TNT at something at a speed that's not difficult to follow. In this cannon, the TNT has been fired so fast that it's almost impossible to see it.

The only thing clearly seen is the intense damage dealt by the blast. There's no comparison in this particular video, but it is noticeably stronger than what a normal cannon can do.

The aftermath (Image via u/GenericRedstonGenius, Reddit)
The aftermath (Image via u/GenericRedstonGenius, Reddit)

It's an impressive feat that somewhat boggles the mind. The Minecraft community seems to love it, as they have responded with so many positive comments.

One remarked on the tremendous amount of damage dealt.

Another came up with a clever, if not ironic, nickname for the device.

This could be a game-changer in PvP modes.

It is terrifyingly powerful.

This device would effectively make really big caves.

Other commenters would really love to make one of these for themselves.

It's quite a powerful weapon, indeed.

Others want to know how thick the wall can be before it wouldn't get blown entirely through.

Overall, the post has received a whopping 15.2 thousand upvotes in just 14 hours at the time of writing.

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