Minecraft Redditor builds incredibly life-like diorama

Diorama (Image via u/romakhramov on Reddit)
Diorama (Image via u/romakhramov on Reddit)
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Minecraft has been one of the most popular games since it debuted in 2009. Over the last 13 years, it has maintained a grip on the top of the gaming industry, thanks to lots of big updates like the recent 1.19 update. The Mojang title is one of the most played games of all time, having over 730 million players in early 2021. That number has undoubtedly grown since then.

Since Minecraft has a very realistic claim to being the most popular game ever, it bleeds into other forms of media. There have been reports of a movie starring Jason Momoa. There are toys, Legos, and other collectibles for the game.

Minecraft is everywhere thanks to these things, and one Minecraft Redditor decided to make some of their own. They used figurines and other items to create an incredibly realistic diorama of the popular game. Check it out below.

Minecraft player constructs uncanny diorama with Steve and a skeleton jockey

Minecraft is not necessarily a realistic game. Yes, it features a ton of things that can be done in real life and is similar to how people live. Food is necessary to eat, and things need to be made and then used, as building shelters and farms are important.

But that's arguably where the comparison stops. In the real world, there aren't giant spiders, zombies, and skeletons that come out to kill people every single time the sun goes down.

Another look (Image via u/romakhramov on Reddit)
Another look (Image via u/romakhramov on Reddit)

It's not realistic and it's not intended to look that way, either. Minecraft's fish don't really look like real fish. An in-game person doesn't look like a real person.

If they do look realistic, the game will be much more frightening. Spiders would be the stuff of nightmares, as would nearly all hostile mobs.

The Minecraft Redditor, u/romakhramov, who constructed a life-like diorama, knew this and made one that looked pretty realistic.

In it, there are life-like dirt blocks and a spider jockey with Steve and his loyal dog fighting it. The spider and skeleton look terrifying, and Steve looks more like a normal person.

Everything in it is realistic, but it's also pretty accurate to the game. Steve is swinging a pickaxe at the jockey, but he may have been caught off guard without a sword.

The dog fighting the spider is also accurate. A standing dog will help players fight mobs, and this dog seems to be in the middle of doing just that.

It's a wonderful display, and it showcases why the game shouldn't be realistic and how it works. The community is enjoying the diorama, giving it a lot of praise so far.

One commenter liked it so much that they wanted to know where they could get their hands on one.

Unfortunately, the Redditor is not interested in selling this piece, so it will remain unique.

The dog was very popular in the comments section.

Others noticed that Steve was without his classic weapon.

One commenter was thoroughly impressed with the work.

The Redditor is becoming quite famous for these types of works of art.

The duality on display with this post is something else.

So far, the post has been shared for just one day. In that time, it has managed to amass over 19 thousand upvotes.

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