Minecraft Redditor compares old and new Star Wars skin pack

Old vs new Star Wars skin pack in Minecraft (Image via u/AccountUsername04 Reddit)
Old vs new Star Wars skin pack in Minecraft (Image via u/AccountUsername04 Reddit)

Minecraft has some of the best collaborations with other famous pop culture media and brands. Star Wars is one of the most famous film series that has millions of fans across the globe. Minecraft has collaborated with the film series several times and released skin packs of all the main characters. However, the old and the new skin packs look extremely different from each other. The difference between the old and new skin packs was discussed at length in a Minecraft Reddit post.

Recently, a Redditor by with the username 'u/AccountUsername04' posted a comparison photo of both the old and new skin packs of Star Wars characters. The top half had the old skin pack and the bottom half showcased the new one. In the caption, the original poster questioned why the skin texture was changed with the new skins, as the old skins clearly look better.

The old skin pack looks quite close to the original pixelated skins that players usually use in the game. The face, outfit, and every other detail was made with bigger pixels. On the other hand, the new skin pack has much smaller pixels and has more pixel density, giving the skin some extra detail. Even though the new skin pack looks way more detailed, many Minecraft players find it uncanny as they are used to seeing pixelated and low-detailed skins.

Redditors react to the Star Wars Minecraft skin pack difference

Soon after the post went live on the Minecraft subreddit, it was flooded with thousands of Redditors viewing and reacting to the difference. Minecraft and Star Wars collaborations are always a big deal in the community since both of them have millions of mutual fans. Hence, this comparison ignited a lot of discussions on the skin packs. Within a day, the post grabbed over 31 thousand upvotes and over a thousand comments.

Thousands of redditors flocked to the comments to discuss how the new skin pack looks worse than the old one. Some pointed out how the new skins look like a Minecraft rip-off, while others discussed why Microsoft, who owns Mojang, is trying to make realistic skin packs.

Several redditors also pointed out the uncanny aspect of the new skin pack and how it looks creepier than the old skin pack. The eeriness is felt because the new skin pack looks realistic but not realistic enough to be comfortable to look at. Redditors expressed their disgust towards the new skins and discussed how terrifying they looked.

While most of the characters looked worse in the new skin pack, several Redditors mentioned that characters like 'Chewbacca' and 'Baby Yoda' look much better than the old skin pack. Mostly, the non-human character skins improved drastically and were pointed out by the redditors.

Overall, the post sparked several discussions on the new concept of skin packs and how making realistic skins isn't always better, especially for Minecraft. Redditors also discussed several aspects of Star Wars and Minecraft in the comments. The post continues to garner comments and upvotes even after 18 hours since it went live.

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