Minecraft Redditor recreates Czech Town Hall from Prague in the game

The Redditor's build (left) vs the real-life building (right) (Images via Reddit/u/MattValois and Wikipedia/Rawac)
The Redditor's build (left) vs the real-life building (right) (Images via Reddit/u/MattValois and Wikipedia/Rawac)
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Recently Redditor u/MattValois unveiled a fascinating Neo-Renaissance Minecraft building called the Liberec Town Hall. The build was posted on r/MinecraftBuilds and has garnered more than 2000 upvotes. Many noticed that the build resembled an actual Czech Town Hall.

Minecraft has taken the world by storm since its early stages and eventful official release in 2011. With a player base of more than 140 million players every month, it has established itself as one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time.

The game's primary features are its mechanics, which include mining, exploration, combat, crafting, and, most importantly, building. Many players like to share their in-game creations with the rest of the game’s community on different social media platforms.

One of the most popular forums for players is Reddit. The platform hosts a number of Minecraft-themed subreddits, which allow players to upload their builds, seeds, screenshots, suggestions or start discussions on various topics.


Exploring the Renaissance Revival Minecraft build

The Redditor made it clear that the Liberec Town Hall, located in Liberec, Czech Republic, is merely an inspiration for the build. The builder modified some aspects of the original according to his taste and skill.

The build contains three tall towers, which are colored in a greenish-blue, similar to the colors of the actual Town Hall. The towers have been built using warped planks, with warped trapdoors in between them to compliment them and style.


The rest of the build is white concrete, diorite, and one of the newest blocks in the game, calcite. However, the roof tiles are an exception.

Located between the towers and the main concrete building, the rooftop tiles are represented using what appears to be deepslate. It brings a nice contrast to the build, as both extremes of a color palette (black and white) are seen together.

The build has various similarities to a castle’s design if the physical structure alone is to be considered and examined. This is in line with early 19th-century architecture. The detailing on the build is intricate and accurate. The windows of the build contain window bars and feature the designs of arches above them.

Reactions to u/MattValois’s build

Building is a core mechanic that players of the game cherish. It is always delightful to see exuberant creativity in the community. Builds require time, patience, and hard work, so the community usually rallies around a valiant effort. Even in this case, the community couldn't stop gushing at u/MattValois’ creative use of blocks and other items.

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