Minecraft Redditor shares tutorial for a wither rose farm

Wither farm on the End Island (Image via Reddit/u/Whoevers)
Wither farm on the End Island (Image via Reddit/u/Whoevers)
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The Minecraft subreddit is home to everything related to the game. From stunning builds to helpful tutorials, players from all around the world flock there to share their experiences and talk about the vast sandbox game.

Recently, a redditor named 'u/Whoevers' shared a tutorial of a simple wither rose farm. They posted a series of eight photos with the steps to create one. Though this was a known way to farm withers and their roses, people were still attracted to the post and it got thousands of upvotes.

In the photos, the original poster explained how to make the wither spawn under the bedrock fountain on End Island. Withers can't break the bedrock, hence they are stuck in one place.

The user then showcased a simple redstone contraption to automatically create snow golems in the area. They finally spawn the wither; due to the explosion, all the mobs die and drop wither roses.

Reactions from people on the wither rose farm tutorial by the Minecraft Redditor

As this was a simple and helpful tutorial for people, it gradually got a lot of attention. People jumped on the post and discussed various aspects of wither spawning, wither roses, and much more. They were also thankful towards the creator for the tutorial.

After seeing the wither rose farm and the amount of snow golems spawned to obtain them, many people humorously pointed out the amount of lag the game will experience when so many mobs will be cramped in one area.

Many Minecraft players agreed that the lag in any farm means that it is working, as opposed to any other game, where it means that the game will crash.

Many people also talked about how this farm can only be setup in Java Edition of Minecraft. This was because in Bedrock Edition, the Wither does not stay stuck under the bedrock block and will be set loose.

This brought up the question of whether the wither is stronger in the Bedrock Edition, as compared to Java Edition, since it cannot be contained.

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