Minecraft Redditor shows how animal beds may bring life and motion to bases

Animal bed ideas (Image via u//Creative-Kreature on Reddit)
Animal bed ideas (Image via u//Creative-Kreature on Reddit)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In the history of Minecraft, many times fan-made features have made it to the vanilla game. Since the game's origin over a decade ago, the community has played a huge role in suggesting tweaks, sharing ideas, and sometimes even implementing them using mods.

r/minecraftsuggestions is one of the biggest Minecraft subreddits, featuring almost 400K members. Every day many players share their ideas for future updates and explain how they can change the game.

Minecraft Redditor u/Creative-Kreature came up with an interesting idea of animal beds. Animal beds are suggested as a resting area for pets in Minecraft, like beds for players. The Original Poster (OP) went on to explain all features related to animal beds in the post.

Redditors shows how animal beds can work in Minecraft

Reddit user u/Creative-Kreature shared recipes for five animal beds. The first is a white pet bed made out of wool and carpets for cats, wolves, foxes, etc. Later, perch for parrots and bats were made of bamboos.

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Moreover, a waterlog-able den made of stone blocks was suggested for frogs and axolotls. Lastly, the OP showed the recipe of bamboo and wheat beds for other animals like pandas, cows, horses, pigs, llamas, etc.


Along with recipes for animal beds, the OP also showed the way animals would interact with them. The OP explained the various intricate mechanisms required for implementing animal beds in Minecraft.

Like villagers, animals can also choose their beds if they are tamed, trust the player, or are recently fed. The OP also suggested a 'Free Roam' mechanism that will let animals move around animal beds and make extra motions within a radius of 64 blocks.

Animals in free roam mode can be called back using the Recall feature. Players will be able to use their pet's favorite food to attract them. The OP explained all the features pretty well and said how they could be added to Minecraft.

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In Minecraft, many players love to own pets, and without a doubt, everybody loved the OP's idea. The OP replied to other Redditor's queries and discussed the suggested features.

If an update themed around pets comes in the future, many players would love to see the OP's suggestion implemented into the game.

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