How to tame cats and other pets in Minecraft

Lazy cat (Image via Minecraft)
Lazy cat (Image via Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

The vast world of Minecraft features a wide assortment of creatures called mobs. Mobile entities, or mobs, are found in every dimension of Minecraft. Players will discover three categories of mobs: hostile, neutral, and passive.

Passive mobs are the most friendly and peaceful creatures in Minecraft. These mobs don't attack players even when a player attacks them. Passive animals are usually farmed for their drops, but a few are kept as pets like cats, wolves, etc.

Since its early days, Minecraft has had mobs that can be tamed and kept as pets. The method for taming differs from one mob to another.

Tameable mobs in Minecraft

1) Cats

Army of cats (Image via Minecraft)
Army of cats (Image via Minecraft)

For cat lovers, owning a cat in Minecraft is automatically on their priority list. Minecraft offers a wide assortment of cat varieties. Many players find their real-life cat in Minecraft. Sadly, making "psp psp" isn't enough to attract these felines.

Players will have to sneak up to a cat by crouch-walking and quickly feed them salmon or cod. Cats are usually found roaming in the villages.

2) Wolves

Wolves (Image via Minecraft)
Wolves (Image via Minecraft)

Wolves are arguably the cutest mob in Minecraft. These adorable animals spawn in forests, wooded hills, taiga and their other variants. Unlike cats, wolves do not run away from players, which makes the taming process pretty simple.

Players need to feed wolves some bones to tame them. Bones can be obtained from loot chests and by killing skeleton-type mobs. Players can take wolves to fight mobs as they attack anybody their owner attacks.

3) Axolotls

Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)
Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update added cute axolotls, which became a tough competition for wolves and cats. Axolotls cannot be exactly tamed like other mobs. However, players can pick them up in buckets and carry them in inventory.

Once picked up, axolotls won't get despawned when placed back on water or land. Axolotls are hostile towards all aquatic creatures except sea turtles and dolphins. Players can guide axolotls to attack ocean creatures using a bucket of tropical fish.

4) Horses, mules, donkeys, and llamas


Horses, mules, donkeys, and llamas are rideable mobs and spawn in the Overworld. These mobs are simple to tame and do not require any food item. All of these mobs are tamed by riding them repeatedly until they start trusting the player. Then, players can use a saddle on them.

In the Overworld, players may also find rare skeleton horses. These variants of horses do not require to be tamed. Players can place a saddle on them and start riding it.

5) Parrots

Parrots (Image via Minecraft)
Parrots (Image via Minecraft)

Parrots are among the few aerial creatures in Minecraft. Luckily, they are tameable and like to sit on the shoulders of players. Players can turn wild parrots into their pets by feeding them any seeds.

6) Foxes

Foxes (Image via Minecraft)
Foxes (Image via Minecraft)

Fox has to be the shyest mob in Minecraft. These animals run fast at the sight of a player. Through various tricks, players will have to breed two foxes to get a baby fox. This baby fox isn't tamed, but it will trust the player who fed its parents.

After taming them or gaining their trust, players can keep these mobs in their base or explore the vast world.

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