Minecraft Redditor shows an elaborate security system in-game

Redditor showcases a security system (Image via u/mrminerman21 Reddit)
Redditor showcases a security system (Image via u/mrminerman21 Reddit)

The Minecraft Reddit page is always bustling with thousands of players every day. People share all sorts of builds, redstone contraptions, and anything related to the popular sandbox game. Once in a while, some posts get a lot of attention for their fascinating content.

Recently, a Redditor named 'u/mrminerman21' posted a video showcasing an elaborate security system they made in Minecraft with a redstone contraption. It contains a password detection mechanism that lets players in and out of the room. If someone enters the wrong password, they will be hit with a harming potion until they die.

In the video, the player goes down to the room outside, where there is a password mechanism in place. When the player enters a password on a piece of paper and puts it in a hopper, the security system allows the player to enter the room. However, when they try again with another password, harming potions are dropped on them, and the area gets blocked by fences, eventually killing the player.

Players react to the detailed security system made by the Minecraft Redditor

Many players were fascinated by the redstone contraption and discussed the mechanism at length. Because of this, the post got a lot of attention and received thousands of upvotes and comments within a day. Players also appreciated the sheer amount of work put in by the creator to build something this detailed in Minecraft.

A Redditor named 'u/CaptainFlint9203' instantly understood the mechanism and commented on the post, to which the original poster replied, confirming that it was correct. The whole contraption was made like an automatic sorting system. If a correct item comes through the system, the door will open, and if the wrong item comes, it will activate the lockdown and trigger harming potions.

Harming potion and fence activated (Image via u/mrminerman21 Reddit)
Harming potion and fence activated (Image via u/mrminerman21 Reddit)

Players also asked the original poster if this was made in the vanilla version of the game, to which the creator replied and confirmed it. Many also urged the original poster to make a tutorial video about it. However, the creator replied that they wouldn't be able to make one as they are not good at explaining the complicated contraption.

Other than the discussion on the mechanism of the complicated redstone contraption, several people simply appreciated the original poster and the effort they put into making the whole build in Minecraft.

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