Minecraft releases creeper-themed mini fridge, now available at Walmart 

Creeper-themed mini fridge (Image via Walmart)
Creeper-themed mini fridge (Image via Walmart)

Attention all Minecraft enthusiasts! We have exciting news for you. Get ready to dive into the world of the infamous green monster, the creeper, as Minecraft presents a mini fridge like no other. This extraordinary fridge, available at Walmart and other select stores, is designed to resemble the iconic creeper and is packed with features that will leave you astounded.

Here's what you need to know about Minecraft's creeper-themed fridge

Imagine a mini fridge that stores up to 12 of your favorite beverage cans and captivates you with its striking design. Complete with green LED lights on both the doors and inside, a removable drip tray, and shelves for effortless cleaning, this fridge offers functionality and novelty.

This creeper mini fridge is part of the Minecraft Legends collection, a series of exceptional items crafted to bring the Minecraft world to life and enhance your gaming experience. Alongside the mini fridge, you can explore other captivating pieces, such as a torch lamp, a cookie jar, a mug, and even a cozy blanket. These items are officially licensed by Mojang and created by Ukonic, a company devoted to crafting geeky merchandise for fans like you.

People's reaction to creeper-themed mini fridge

People are falling in love with its design, practicality, and the sheer joy it brings.

As one reviewer expressed,

"This is the best thing ever! My son is crazy about Minecraft, and he was over the moon to receive this as a birthday gift. It works flawlessly, and it looks incredible in his room."

Another reviewer shared,

"Being a huge Minecraft fan myself, I bought this fridge to keep my drinks cold while I play. It's absolutely awesome! Quiet, spacious, and incredibly easy to use. Plus, it looks like a real creeper, which is absolutely hilarious!"

Not just a gimmick! Functionality of mini fridge

Functionality of mini fridge (Image via Walmart)
Functionality of mini fridge (Image via Walmart)

The creeper mini fridge isn't just a fun accessory for your gaming space; it's also a practical appliance that ensures your drinks are always at the perfect temperature. Whether you're craving a cold soda or coffee, this fridge has you covered with its adjustable thermostat. And it's not limited to beverages either—you can store snacks, leftovers, or any other items that fit inside.


This creeper mini fridge is a fantastic way to show your love for the game and impress your friends. With its similarity to a giant creeper figure, featuring pixelated green skin, menacing black eyes and mouth, and four legs, it's a conversation starter.

When opened, the door lights up with a creeper face, creating a visually captivating effect. Inside, a green light illuminates your beverages, making them all the more enticing. Prepare for everyone's attention to be drawn to this magnificent fridge, making others envious.

If you're looking for a unique gift for a fan of the game or simply want some excitement in your gaming setup, the creeper mini fridge is a must-see.

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