Minecraft 1.20 Update: Release date, new features, release time and more

Last Modified Jun 05, 2023 17:11 GMT

The biggest Minecraft event of the year is upon as Minecraft Live started on October 12, 2022. The event is touted as a crucial gateway to get all the information about the new update. The event will also give fans the chance to vote for a brand new mob of their choice to be added to the game.

The 1.20 update is among the strangest the community has experienced recently. It lacks an official theme, all of its features have previously been released in beta, and the majority of its features are still under wraps. Additionally, the update is centred on the Minecraft community and its members' stories, and it already has a name: Trails and Tales.

Minecraft 1.20 Update Release Date & Time

Minecraft 1.20 Update will be released on 7th June, 2023. The last few updates have always dropped at 4 pm GMT. Minecraft players can expect the 1.20 Update to be released at 4 pm GMT as well.

With the update cycle coming close to fruition, there is a high probability that Mojang will reveal details about the upcoming 1.20 update to everyone’s favourite sandbox survival game. Each update to the game adds some brand-new features and game mechanics to the game. While nothing is confirmed, here are a few things players might look forward to getting in 1.20:

  • New Bedrock UI

  • Nether Portal Mob spawn fix

  • Updates to inventor

  • New biomes. Potential options include

    • Savanna

    • Birch forest

    • Badlands

  • Spectator mode as shown off at Minecraft Now

  • And maybe some new mobs?


The Minecraft Mob vote for this year’s event has three options to choose from. According to the video released on social media, voting starts a day earlier than the Live event and fans can use three different ways to vote

  1. They can use the carnival-themed server on Bedrock Edition

  2. Using the official website

  3. Using the Minecraft Launcher

The three mobs that fans can choose from are:

  • Rascal - A rare mob which is not particularly dangerous, unlike its name. Found in mines below Y=0, finding the same rascal three times gives players some form of reward.


  • Tuff Golem - A buildable statue mob that is highly customizable as the player can choose its height. It also has the ability to hold items it finds laying on the ground.


  • Sniffer - Being an extinct mob, players have to bring them back to life by hatching eggs which can be found hidden in chests found underwater. Sniffers can be quite useful as it goes around digging up seeds from the ground nearby for a steady supply.


Only one mob will be included in the game so players must choose wisely! The Minecraft 1.20 Update is called the Trails & Tales Update.

Meanwhile, any more information about the brand new Minecraft 1.20 update will most likely be announced on October 15 at the Live event. We will update this space with all the new information for your easy perusal, so stay tuned.