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Top 5 best Minecraft servers for new players in 2021

The best Minecraft servers for new players to try
The best Minecraft servers for new players to try
Edward Hays
Modified 05 Apr 2021
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With thousands of Minecraft servers freely available for players to join, it can't be easy and perhaps even daunting for Minecraft newbies to find the perfect server to play.

Whether it's skyblock, prison, or survival, the best Minecraft servers in which new players are likely to enjoy are the ones that feature well-documented tutorials and guides.

Another thing that makes a Minecraft server perfect for beginners is its community. The most suitable servers for new players almost always have an extensive and helpful group of volunteers that moderate, administrate, and generally help players with whatever they need on a day-to-day basis.

Note: This list is based solely on the writers' opinion. The views of others may differ substantially.

Most suitable Minecraft Servers for new players in 2021


Purple Prison is a great server for beginners, with extensive tutorials throughout
Purple Prison is a great server for beginners, with extensive tutorials throughout

Purple Prison is one of the biggest prison servers for Minecraft and features an extensive set of tutorials and guides to help new players.

In terms of gameplay, the server does its best order not unnecessarily to overcomplicate things. This is to cater to those who may not have been familiar with the Minecraft prison game mode in the past.


A brilliant guide that explains how new players can get started within the server can be found here.

#4 IP: is the original skyblock server is the original skyblock server

The Minecraft server was created (and is still maintained) by the original developer of the hugely popular Minecraft Skyblock plugin, credited with inspiring the mechanics behind the game mode in the first place.

For players new to the Skyblock genre, or perhaps even new to Minecraft as a whole, is a fantastic choice for several reasons.

One of the most convincing of such is the incredible nine-year server uptime, in which gameplay has been meticulously refined and improved upon.

#3 CubeCraft Games IP:


CubeCraft Games is a hugely popular Minecraft minigame server, toating thousands of concurrent players daily.

The server is home to several fantastic mini-games designed so that players can learn how to play them and jump right in within minutes.

CubeCraft also welcomes players from different language communities, with several chat channels dedicated to speaking languages outside of English to engage with each other.

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#2 Mineplex IP:

Although not as popular as it once was, Mineplex is another behemoth of a Minecraft server. Despite being almost eight years old, Mineplex is still flexing its muscles as one of the biggest Minecraft servers ever to exist.

Gameplay-wise, Mineplex offers players a myriad of different Minigames to enjoy, with some of the most popular, including flagship games such as: Block Hunt, Survival games, Speed Builders, Skywars, Cake Wars, Draw Thing, and much more.

Like most other minigame servers, the games on Mineplex are straightforward to get into but hard to master.

#1 Safe Survival IP:

Safe Survival is a great choice for Minecraft newcomers
Safe Survival is a great choice for Minecraft newcomers

For players simply searching for a minimalistic survival server with plugins far and few in between, safe survival can be a hidden gem.

Although not overly popular, safe survival is very welcoming towards new players and was designed with players unfamiliar with Minecraft in mind. The server was established in 2015 but remained updated with every version of Minecraft.

Gameplay-wise, safe survival is specifically a semi-vanilla survival server that features grief-protected land claiming all players and the "keep inventory" setting enabled.

For those unaware, both of these features make Minecraft's survival significantly easier and are particularly well suited towards beginners unfamiliar with the game.

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 13:18 IST
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