Minecraft streamer Dream comments on Minecon Live 2021 announcement

Minecraft streamer Dream has commented on the Minecraft 2021 Live announcement (Image via Dream/Mojang)
Minecraft streamer Dream has commented on the Minecraft 2021 Live announcement (Image via Dream/Mojang)
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Minecraft star Dream is infamous for causing many controversies. However, none of them were directly related to Mojang, except last year's mob vote. This incident may repeat once again.

Dream is one of the fastest-growing content creators on YouTube and Twitch. On the former, the young streamer has gained over 25 million subscribers in a couple of years, whereas he boasts over 5 million followers on Twitch.

He can easily manipulate community polls with such a massive following, as evident from last year's Minecon 2020. After Mojang officially announced Minecraft 2021 Live, Dream tweeted he would be rigging the vote this year as well.

"I'm going to rig the vote": Minecraft streamer Dream responds to Minecraft Live 2021 announcement


Mojang has announced the official date and time for Minecraft Live 2021. They also revealed that a mob vote would be held at the event. After learning about this activity, many Minecrafters were worried about Minecraft influencers rigging the vote like last year.

Minecon 2020's mob vote was a huge disaster. Dream went to Twitter, asking his fans to vote for the glow squid, not the moobloom or the iceologer. Following this, many popular YouTubers like MrBeast and Ph1LzA also voted for glow squids.

However, many other streamers were in support of other mobs. In the end, the mob vote became a battle for streamers instead of what the Minecraft community wanted. Many fans were angry at Dream for starting the trend and ruining the mob vote.

It looks like this entire event may just be repeated once again.

After Mojang's official announcement, the Minecraft streamer replied to the tweet with:

While this could probably be a joke, it worried many Minecraft players. In his second tweet, Dream said:

Jappa, the Lead Artist of Minecraft, replied to Dream, saying:

"What if there is no worst mob?"

After last year's mob vote, Mojang would have probably come up with a countermeasure for streamers' influence on mob voting.

Fans can expect all mobs to be equally good. Unlike the last few times, the developer will share more information about the candidates to help players decide better.

As the date for Minecraft Live 2021 approaches, Mojang will start revealing the new mobs.

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