Minecraft Live 2021: Date, time, where to watch, details, and more

Minecraft Live 2021 is coming (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Live 2021 is coming (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live is an online livestream event held by Mojang every year. At the event, fans get to see the developers behind amazing Minecraft updates and watch in-depth interviews. They also learn about upcoming updates and get a chance to vote for a new mob or biome update.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Mojang used to host Minecraft Live offline. This was where Minecrafters met other players, content creators, and developers. Sadly, like last time, Minecon 2021 will be an online live event.

Today, Mojang officially announced the date and time for Minecraft Live 2021. This article shares all the information available for the upcoming event.

Minecraft Live 2021: Everything fans need to know

Date and timings for Minecraft Live 2021


Minecraft Live 2021 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 16.

Along with the date, Mojang also announced the timings for the event. Here are the Minecon Live 2021 timings for various regions:

  • 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time
  • 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
  • 1 PM Brasília Time
  • 5 PM British Summer Time
  • 6 PM Central European Summer Time
  • 1 AM Japan Standard Time
  • 3 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Minecraft Live 2021: Where to watch the live stream

Minecraft Live 2021 can be watched from almost any device. Mojang will stream the event on multiple platforms.

Fans will be able to stream the event on Minecraft's official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel. Mojang will also be streaming it on their official website.

On the day of streaming, players can visit the following links to view Minecraft Live 2021:

What will happen at Minecraft Live 2021?

Mojang hasn't revealed much information about what's coming in Minecraft Live 2021. However, they have confirmed that the event will feature a mob vote.

Mob voting is an event held by Mojang at Minecraft conventions. The community votes for one mob out of three available options. The winning mob gets added to a future update, while the losers are forgotten.

In the Minecraft Live 2021 announcement trailer, Mojang mentioned terms like "Quadramorphic Endervision" and "Pillager Raid-ed Sound." This led fans to wonder if the 1.19 update will be the much-awaited End update or Combat update. Nonetheless, it is up for debate until official confirmation.

Mojang probably doesn't want to announce another massive update right after the challenging Caves & Cliffs update. There is a higher chance of a minor update, like the 1.15 Buzzy Bees update, which happened after the huge Village & Pillage update.

Mojang may also reveal the expected date for the pending Minecraft 1.18 update.