"Stop leaking, Tommy!": Minecraft streamer TommyInnit leaks MCC team on Ph1LzA stream

TommyInnit and Ph1LzA (Image via Twitter)
TommyInnit and Ph1LzA (Image via Twitter)

Recently, TommyInnit leaked about him teaming up with Ph1LzA in the MCC. TommyInnit has been one of the most interesting and entertaining personalities in the Minecraft community. His jokes and his pranks are considered annoying yet funny. One of his shenanigans has been leaking information.

The Minecraft Championship (or MCC) is where top Minecraft players and streamers compete in many fun-filled mini-games. TommyInnit has already leaked about his team in the previous MCC, and he did it again for the upcoming one.

MCC team leaked by Minecraft streamer TommyInnit on Ph1LzA's stream


During his stream, Ph1LzA was playing on Minecraft's Origins SMP server. He casually checked the discord on his second monitor and said how the teams were announced. Suddenly he realized that he was live streaming and retracted back from his statement. He stated this at 0:09 into the clip:

Oh, the teams just got- I mean, nothing. Nothing got announced in the MCC discord. Nothing at all.

Ph1LzA quickly tried to change the topic and went to the Nether for some work. He laughed at the mistake of nearly leaking about MCC teams live on his stream.

Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)

Later, TommyInnit called Ph1LzA, and as soon as the call was connected, TommyInnit leaked about him teaming up with Ph1LzA for MCC. Ph1LzA screamed in panic and disconnected the call immediately. TommyInnit stated this at 0:40 into the clip:

Phil! I just found out about our MCC team!

After disconnecting the call, Ph1LzA was still in shock about how TommyInnit kept leaking information about MCC teams. He also pointed out how TommyInnit also leaked the previous MCC team while playing on Minecraft's Origins SMP.

Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)

He reconnected the call and scolded TommyInnit about leaking information. Ph1LzA warned him how Scott, MCC's event manager, would disqualify him. He stated this at 1:22 in the clip:

Scott's gonna have your neck dude.
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via YouTube)

TommyInnit begged Ph1LzA's followers not to leak anything further. He also joked about copy-pasting Logan Paul's apology for leaking to MCC teams again. Later Ph1LzA also joined in and humorously tried to bribe his followers not to say anything about the leaked information.

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