Minecraft water structures ranked from worst to best

Which water structures are the best, and which are the worst? (Image via Minecraft)
Which water structures are the best, and which are the worst? (Image via Minecraft)
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Ocean biomes in Minecraft are some of the best places to look for loot thanks to the sheer variety of structures.

There are many kinds of structures that can naturally generate in Minecraft worlds, but there are some that are unique to water rather than land. And although the water structures in Minecraft have great benefits overall, some of them are simply better than others for many reasons.

Considering every aspect of these Minecraft structures, they can be ranked in order from worst to best.

*Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.*

The worst to best water structures in Minecraft

5) Ruined portal

An underwater ruined portal (Image via Minecraft)
An underwater ruined portal (Image via Minecraft)

The ruined portal is technically a water structure since it can be found in any biome, even underwater.

Ruined portals sometimes generate naturally on the ocean floor in Minecraft worlds, and although this makes the structure quite useless as a nether portal, the loot in the nearby chests does make the structure worth checking out. The loot within ruined portal chests can include golden apples, golden armor, and much more.

However, because the portal cannot be activated underwater, and since ruined portals are not entirely unique to ocean biomes, they rank lower than the others in this list.

4) Ocean Ruins

An example of an ocean ruins (Image via Minecraft)
An example of an ocean ruins (Image via Minecraft)

Ocean ruins can be found on the ocean floor throughout ocean biomes. They are considered rare, but players will likely find at least one while exploring a large ocean biome in any given Minecraft world.

While ocean ruins might be a cool find, they do not offer much in terms of value to Minecraft players. The loot within these structures can include enchanted books, buried treasure maps, golden apples, and more. While these are nice finds, none of them are ever guaranteed to be within the chest whenever you do manage to find them.

Additionally, ocean ruins are almost always guarded by drowned zombie mobs ready to attack players at any given moment. This makes them hard to access, especially whilst being underwater with a chance of drowning.

3) Buried Treasure

If Players are able to find a buried treasure map within an ocean ruin, they can venture off to find the location of another structure in an ocean biome, the Buried Treasure chest. Buried treasure maps may also be found within shipwreck structures in the game.

Buried treasure chests are generally hidden in beach biomes. And while they are just single chests with no other special blocks to make up the structure, Buried treasure chests have some of the best loot for players to find, including, a heart of the sea, diamonds, emeralds, and prismarine crystals.

One major downside of buried treasure is the time and effort it can take to merely find these chests. Players will have to be skilled at following the directions depicted on a map and must then get ready to go digging for sometime before actually finding the chest.

2) Ocean Monument

The big blue-green ocean monument (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
The big blue-green ocean monument (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Based on appearances alone, the ocean monument is clearly one of the most beautiful Minecraft structures. Incredibly large in size, this grand structure is made of rare turquoise prismarine blocks and shining sea lanterns. In many ways, the ocean monument is a breathtaking sight and a truly awesome find given that it is quite a rare structure.

However, one major downside of ocean monuments in comparison to nearly every other Minecraft structure is that there are no loot chests hidden inside. Plus, the structure is always swarming with guardians and elder guardians that players will usually have to avoid.

Despite this, the ocean monument is the only place that sponge blocks spawn naturally in Minecraft, so players who need the unique block will have to first locate an ocean monument. Searching for the structure can be a difficult task within itself, but it could also be a fun journey for Minecraft players to attempt.

1) Shipwreck

A shipwreck washed ashore (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
A shipwreck washed ashore (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Shipwrecks are arguably the best water structure of them all for many reasons. These structures are quite common, so players who like to venture off into ocean biomes will likely come across a handful of shipwrecks throughout their journey.

These structures always have some loot of value, and the loot comes in a wide range. They can have up to two chests within them, one of which has more common but practical items such as leather armor, carrots, potatoes, and even TNT. The other loot chest in a shipwreck is typically full of highly valuable items, such as diamonds, emeralds, and iron.

Because shipwrecks are very common and always provide something of use to players, they are definitely some of the most helpful structures in the game. Of all the structures that can be generated in ocean biomes, shipwrecks offer the most to players overall.

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