Minecraft x Angry Birds crossover: Release date, time, features, and more

Members of the Flock in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Members of the Flock in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft is a game popular in every corner of the planet. The game’s popularity has often drawn the attention of other franchises, with hopes of collaboration or partnerships.

The game has collaborated with brands like Lacoste, the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, etc. One of the newest collaborations that the game is a part of is with the popular video game Angry Birds.

The Bad Piggies are in Minecraft! Rescue the birds' eggs in the @AngryBirds adventure world by @OrevilleStudios and get a free item in the Dressing Room!🐦

Angry Birds is an action and puzzle-based title released in 2009. The game has since spawned tons of different iterations in different forms of media, including films, animated series, video games, comic books, musical tracks, and even theme parks.

The collaboration with Mojang’s masterpiece only adds to its vast and highly successful history.

Minecraft and Angry Birds collaboration: Everything to know


The initial announcement for the collaboration was made on May 17, with the title of the Mojang blog post saying, “Angry Birds is coming to Minecraft Marketplace!”.

The blog post talked about how the pigs in the overworld dimension were almost certainly “plotting something.” In this context, the pigs refer to the green-colored group of animals that serves as the primary antagonistic group in the Angry Birds games and other media.


The content brought to the game serves as yet another DLC for players and was released on May 17. Downloadable content is extra gameplay content that may be paid or free.

Many games, including Minecraft, regularly get new content in the form of DLC packs. Like every other DLC pack for Minecraft, the new Angry Birds content can be downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace.

The new content comprises an adventure map, which revolves around specific storylines or questlines that users can follow to discover more and complete each objective. Each adventure map takes individuals on an adventure, and the Angry Birds adventure map is no different.


Players assume many characters throughout the questline, starting with the character of Red, the well-known and highly recognizable Northern cardinal bird featured on the cover of the game and its other media. The other members of the group of birds, also known as the “Flock,” are also playable characters.

The primary objective is to rescue Red’s friends and save their eggs. Along the way, users will encounter the antagonistic green pigs who have kidnapped Flock members and must defeat them to proceed. Each time a member of the Flock is rescued, gamers unlock that character to be played in-game.

For those wanting to know who the members of the Flock are (aside from Red), they include a yellow canary named Chuck, a Mountain bluebird named Jay, “The Blues” or Jake and Jim, Bomb the common loon, an adorable chicken named Matilda, galah Stella, a Jamaican Oriole named Bubbles, an emerald toucanet named Hal, and a Northern cardinal named Terence.

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