Nautilus Shell in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
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A nautilus shell can be found in a variety of ways in Minecraft. Players can find it by fishing, slaying drowned mobs, and buying it off of wandering traders. Wandering traders will sell them for emeralds. These shells can be used with one heart of the sea to make a conduit using a crafting table.

Nautilus Shell in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Nautilus shells were added to Minecraft with the aquatic update. Typically found in the off hands of a drowned mob or realed in while fishing. This is an item that isn't necessarily rare if players know where to look.

Any drowned mob in Minecraft has a chance at dropping these shells. However, it is a guaranteed drop if they're seen holding the shell in their off-hand. Players are also able to carry them in an off hand the same way a drowned can.

Players may notice wandering traders either where they've set up a home or in villages. A wandering trader has a chance at having nautilus shells in its inventory. They can be bought from wandering traders for emeralds. However, not every trader will carry this item.

Once a player has enough of them, the shells can be used for crafting. The one item that nautilus shells are used to make is the conduit. A conduit is a small item that will allow players to breathe underwater. The conduit will do this after it has been set up inside prismerine block rings. A player needs one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells to make a conduit.

Conduits not only allow a player to breathe underwater. They also allow night vision so players can better see underwater. A conduit has a range that its effects can reach. The more rings of prismerine blocks, the wider the range for its effects. As long as a player is within this range, they will be able to use these effects in Minecraft.

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