Different minecarts in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Different minecart variations in Minecraft (Image via
Different minecart variations in Minecraft (Image via
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In Minecraft, there are many types of minecarts that players can choose from, but most of them only stick to the regular version. Players have so many more minecart options, it’s a shame that more of them don’t use the different variations.

Minecarts come in all forms, including regular, chest, furnace, hopper, and TNT. It’s rare for players to use these different variations in Minecraft gameplay, even though these different minecarts have many uses combined with the different types of rails available for players.

Players may wonder, what are the uses and other options for minecarts in Minecraft? Here is everything they need to know about the different types of minecarts in Minecraft.

Different kinds of minecarts available in Minecraft

Regular minecart

A minecart with lots of Redstone (Image via
A minecart with lots of Redstone (Image via

Regular minecarts are the most commonly used in Minecraft. They have only one use, and that’s transporting players across mine rails.

Players have used regular minecarts for all sorts of Minecraft farms and glitches. Most commonly, minecarts are the easiest way to capture villagers to transform them into different professions for trading.

Minecarts are also used in mineshafts and underground mine rails to transport players across large distances or just for fun on roller coasters. Regular minecarts can be made with five iron ingots.

Minecarts with a chest

Minecraft minecart with a chest (Image via
Minecraft minecart with a chest (Image via

Minecarts with chests are as simple and practical as they sound. To make one, players need to make a minecart and chest and combine the two.

Minecarts with chests are great for stealthily storing items in Minecraft. If the player doesn’t want to seem suspicious or doesn’t want just anyone going through their chests, it’s smart to hide items inside the minecart chest. They will be surprised at how often others overlook these chests.

Minecarts with chests are also great for storing ores along the way during a mining session, especially if players have a mine rail going through their mine.

Minecarts with a furnace

Minecraft minecart with a furnace (Image via
Minecraft minecart with a furnace (Image via

Minecarts with furnaces are great for smelting ores on a long journey through the mines. Often, players will build mine rails in their mines to help them dig further out and get back to their base faster.

It can be extremely useful to put a furnace in the minecart because the time the player spends riding back to their base is wasted otherwise.

Minecarts with TNT

Minecarts with TNT (Image via
Minecarts with TNT (Image via

Minecarts with TNT can be crafted by combining a minecart and a block of TNT. These minecarts are great for trapping unsuspecting Minecraft players. They can be set off by activator rails that get activated when any item or Redstone riding in the minecart passes over it.

TNT Minecarts are a fantastic trap for dark situations. Players in the minecart will only have the sudden warning of the sound of TNT hissing behind them before it goes off and kills them.

Minecarts with hoppers

Minecart with a hopper (Image via Pinterest)
Minecart with a hopper (Image via Pinterest)

Minecarts with hoppers are the second most common type of minecart used in Minecraft. To make it, players need to combine a hopper and a minecart.

Minecarts with hoppers work much better than regular hoppers. They pull in extra items at a rate of 20 items per second, which is significantly more efficient than regular hoppers.

Players often use these minecart hoppers as regular hoppers since they’re much more efficient. Hoppers can also travel about 85 blocks before they stop unless stopped by a powered rail.

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