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Enderman vs Wither in Minecraft: How different are the mobs?

Minecraft Enderman artwork (Image via apk-dl)
Minecraft Enderman artwork (Image via apk-dl)
Holly Ellison
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Enderman and Withers are two of the most feared mobs in Minecraft. While Endermen are much more common than Withers, both are incredibly dangerous but useful mobs.

Newer players may need guidance on dealing with these two mobs. They may hear the names often and still be unable to identify the mobs correctly.

This article highlights everything newer Minecraft players need to know about these two mobs.

Differences between Enderman and Wither in Minecraft

Home dimension

Wither in the Nether (Image via YouTube)
Wither in the Nether (Image via YouTube)

Withers and Endermen have different home dimensions. Neither calls the overworld their home.

Withers are from the Nether. They're hostile undead entities that can only be spawned into the game using soul sand and Wither skeleton heads. These two materials can only be found in the Nether.

Endermen, on the other hand, spawn naturally in the overworld. This doesn't necessarily mean this is their home.

When a player travels to the End dimension, they will realize that the End is the Enderman's true domain.


Endermen are one of the only mobs that spawn in the End. This mob can be seen all around when the player fights the Ender Dragon.

Natural generation

Wither floating around (Image via
Wither floating around (Image via

As mentioned earlier, Withers can only be spawned into Minecraft using soul sand and Wither Skeleton heads. Withers do not naturally generate and cannot even be spawned using spawn eggs in creative mode.

Enderman naturally generates in the overworld, Nether, and End dimensions. Players in creative mode can spawn them with spawn eggs. There is no other way to spawn Endermen in Minecraft.


Withers and Endermen have vastly different appearances. Once the players know what each looks like, they should have no trouble telling these two mobs apart.

Enderman appearance (Image via
Enderman appearance (Image via

Endermen have a tall, slender, black body, often appearing with purple sparkles around them. These mobs are much taller than the player and have large purple eyes. They're often seen carrying a dirt block.

Wither's appearance (Image via planet Minecraft)

Withers, on the other hand, have a black and gray appearance. They float above players and have three heads. Their bodies are short and consist of a small skeleton under the middle head.


Endermen and Withers exhibit vastly different behaviors towards players.


Endermen are quite peaceful until the player looks at them. In such a case, the mob will become hostile in seconds. The Enderman will open its mouth and race towards players, often teleporting behind them to attack them.

Endermen can do a lot of damage to players. Because of their teleportation ability, this mob can be difficult to hit once enraged.

Withers are extremely hostile mobs in Minecraft. They will hunt anything within a 20 block radius of them. They shoot Wither skulls at players, mobs, and other living entities.

They will chase down these entities until everything is dead in the area. Withers also create a massive explosion after generating in Minecraft.

Each Wither skull creates a smaller explosion as well. Players must be prepared to take out this deadly mob.

Who would win in a fight?

Wither and Enderman (Image via planet Minecraft)
Wither and Enderman (Image via planet Minecraft)

It's rare, and perhaps impossible, for a Wither and Enderman to fight in vanilla Minecraft. The only way they would is by accidentally attacking each other. However, in this hypothetical fight, Enderman would most likely win.

This is because of its teleportation abilities and its immunity to projectiles. Withers only use projectiles to attack opponents, meaning the Endermen can't get hit. Even though Wither is much stronger, the Endermen have useful abilities to fight.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 21:06 IST
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