How to download Minecraft Bedrock Beta version

Minecraft Bedrock Beta release (Image via windowscentral)
Minecraft Bedrock Beta release (Image via windowscentral)
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There's lots of exciting Minecraft news in the air with Minecraft update 1.17 on the horizon. Recently, Minecraft's developers have released a new snapshot 21w17a and have made the Bedrock Beta version available to all players.

Many players are eager to try out this new version of Minecraft. The Beta version is huge news as it means Minecraft's developers are right around the corner to release the full 1.17 Minecraft update.

The Beta edition includes many of the features that players have been looking forward to for months.

Here is how players can test out Minecraft Bedrock Beta version right now.

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How to play Minecraft Bedrock Beta version


There are a few things players should know before downloading and playing Minecraft Bedrock Beta. This version of Minecraft is still in development and may have bugs and other stability issues.

Players need to keep this in mind during gameplay and make sure their worlds are backed up before joining the Beta.

While players have opted into the Beta, they will not have access to Minecraft Realms and will not be able to join any non-Beta Minecraft worlds. Beta players need to report any bugs to and send any feedback to

Players with multiple users on their devices should ensure that each user's worlds are all backed up and safe before enrolling or unenrolling in Minecraft Bedrock Beta version.

How to play on Xbox One and Windows 10

Xbox insider hub (Image via
Xbox insider hub (Image via

To play Minecraft Bedrock Beta on both Xbox One and Windows 10, players need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app. This is a Microsoft app that allows the player to test out new features before other players, such as this Minecraft Beta. The app is available on the Microsoft Store.

Once the Xbox Insider Hub app is installed on the player's device, they should open up the app. On the app, there will be a small menu on the left side of the screen. In this menu, there will be a "Preview" option. Players should click on this preview option.

In the preview option, players should see some of their installed games. Players should click on the "Minecraft" option. This will take the player to a page asking if they want to join the Minecraft Beta. Players should click "join."

How to play on Android

Android players will need to visit the Minecraft page in the Google Play Store and opt-in to the Minecraft Bedrock Beta from there.

How to opt-out of Minecraft Bedrock Beta


Players may wish to unenroll from the Minecraft beta to play on their older worlds or join Realms again. The unenrolling process is relatively easy and may take upto 24 hours to process after unenrolling.

How to unenroll on Xbox One

Opting out on Xbox (Image via ultimatepocket)
Opting out on Xbox (Image via ultimatepocket)

Players who wish to opt-out on Xbox One will first need to open the Xbox Insider Hub app and click unenroll. They then need to uninstall Minecraft from their device.

After Minecraft is done uninstalling, players will need to hard reset their Xbox console. They should wait about 10 seconds before turning on their Xbox console again. When the console turns back on, Minecraft can safely be reinstalled.

How to unenroll on Windows 10

Opting out on windows 10 (Image via mspoweruser)
Opting out on windows 10 (Image via mspoweruser)

Opting out of the Minecraft Beta on Windows 10 is a bit easier than on Xbox One. Players need to open their Xbox Insider Hub app and unenroll from the Beta. They then need to uninstall Minecraft from their device. Players can reinstall Minecraft from the Microsoft Store soon after.

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