How to use beds to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Ancient Debris. (Image via Minecraft)
Ancient Debris. (Image via Minecraft)
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Following the Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update, Netherite became a hot commodity in Minecraft.

Since it was the only way to upgrade armor and weapons, Netherite became one of the most coveted items in the game. Apart from upgrades, the element also provides a huge enchantment boost to armor and weapons.

It arguably became the new diamond for Minecraft players. People went strip mining in search of it, as well as braving the Nether to acquire this element.

There were a few ways of increasing the chance of getting it, and there are many good methods of obtaining Netherite. One such way is using beds in the Nether. Here's how to do it in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Using Minecraft beds to get Netherite

It's important to note that beds cannot be used for sleeping in either the Nether or End. They only work in the overworld.

If a bed is placed in either the Nether or the End, it won't do anything until a Minecraft player tries to sleep.

It will explode, causing massive damage to the player and the surrounding area. This can be useful sometimes, though. It has been utilized by Minecraft speedrunners to quickly defeat the Ender Dragon. Apart from being a useful weapon, it is also one of the best methods of acquiring Netherite.

Netherite ingots, one of which will turn any item from diamond to Netherite, are crafted with four Netherite scraps and four gold ingots. Netherite scraps can be acquired once Ancient Debris is smelted.

Ancient Debris is impervious to blast damage, which is why exploding beds can be one of the best to perform this process.

In the Nether, Ancient Debris can spawn anywhere from Y level 8-22. On one of these levels, Minecraft players can easily strip mine and search for it, but using beds quickens the process and saves pickaxes.

Mining out four or five blocks and placing a bed at the end will blow up the surrounding area and reveal any Ancient Debris, if there is any.

Players should be as far back as possible to avoid blast damage. It is also recommended to possibly place a block in front for protection. Checking the surroundings is essential in this regard.

The Nether is full of danger, including lava which can come from above. Blowing up the surrounding area with a bed can reveal Ancient Debris, but it also leaves everything on fire and can open up holes for lava to pour in.

Bed explosion in the Nether. Image via Minecraft
Bed explosion in the Nether. Image via Minecraft

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