Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

The lush caves biome (Image via Minecraft)
The lush caves biome (Image via Minecraft)

After releasing a Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot yesterday, Mojang has provided a new beta update for its Bedrock Edition fans. It can only be installed on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android devices. To test out its features, players will have to join the beta program.

Beta versions and snapshots are released for Minecrafters to test and report bugs and glitches. These are effectively used for collating opinions on various features and additions.

If there's an issue regarding a certain element in the beta version, Mojang promptly fixes it to further polish the game. The stable version is then released for everyone.

Minecraft Bedrock beta: List of changes and fixes


Changes made to Experimental features

  • The Caves & Cliffs experimental worlds had an issue where parts of the world below 0 would become all air after reload. Mojang has fixed this issue.
  • The "minecraft:geometry" block component has finally been fixed, and will work as intended.

Bugs and feature fixes

  • When a player destroys a block underneath the top snow, it now drops correctly.
  • An issue which meddled with translating texts has been resolved. Earlier, the translation used to fail if the first letter of a corresponding key was uppercase.
  • A major bug was present in the previous beta where sometimes the wither wouldn't drop a nether star upon death.
  • Fixed raycasts being interrupted while standing inside light blocks

Changes made for stability and performance

  • A bug where an entity could sometimes fail to initialize its tag component has been fixed in this beta.

Things to note before installing a beta version of Minecraft

  • If the player joins the beta program, their game is replaced with a copy of Minecraft that is still under development.
  • Players will lose access to Realms and won't be able to join others who are not on a beta version.
  • If they create a world in the beta version, it cannot be opened in any other version of Minecraft. Similarly, no worlds created in an older version of the game can be accessed in beta versions.
  • Beta versions can be unstable for some players and they do not represent the upcoming final version of Minecraft.

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