Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

Minecraft Bedrock has been released (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Bedrock has been released (Image via Mojang)
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The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update part 2 will be released later this year. To make sure all the features in the update are stable, Mojang has released another Minecraft beta for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android devices.

The beta boasts major changes being made to world generation, biomes, and mobs. Players can install the beta and test the new features. If they come across any glitches or bugs, they can report it back to Mojang and help improve the version of the game.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II Bedrock Beta - it out! A new biome, several tweaks, and quite a few bug fixes too!Read all about it at…

Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes


Changes made to Experimental Features

  • A new mountain sub biome has been added called the stony peaks.
  • Vegetation in the mountain meadows sub biome has been corrected.
  • Players can now find clusters of dripstone in the dripstone cave biome. Other dripstone features will now only generate in dripstone caves.
  • Mountain biomes now have correct feature places to match the Java Edition side-snapshot.
  • Players can now find infested stones under mountains.
  • The developers have tweaked ore distribution to make Java Edition snapshots.
  • Cloud levels have been increased to Y 192.
  • River size, terrain shapes, and biome placement have been tweaked for a better overall experience.
  • Tweaked mob spawning in mountain and cave biomes to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • Trees in Minecraft will generate slightly deeper when in water in the swamp biome.
  • Deepslate can be found at lower depths.
  • Changes have been made to the placement logic of small dripstone features. Their frequency is similar, but exact positions will differ.
  • Maps now correctly show the colors of blocks below a Y level of zero.
  • Vines no longer generate on the surface above lush caves. They can only be found inside that cave biome. They can also generate below Y 0.
  • Changes have been made to how villages are generated in the game. They now follow the style of the biome they are located in.

Changes made to Non-Experimental features

  • Beehives will now generate facing south in Minecraft.
  • Falling stalactites are now offset properly to avoid interacting with entities outside their intended hitbox.
  • On pressing the use button on a candle cake, the correct amount of slices will be consumed.
  • A bug that caused the players to be set on fire upon changing dimensions if there was lava underneath the portal has been fixed.
  • When at full hunger level, players cannot eat food anymore.
  • To avoid breaking sea grass, they no longer spawn under lily pads.
  • Villagers cannot spam doors open and closed anymore.
  • Cartographers now more consistently give new maps on all platforms.
  • Changes have been made to amethyst geode generation. The chances of them generating in strongholds are a lot less now.
  • Mob pathing around partial blocks has been improved.
  • Armor cannot be seen on pillagers and vindicators anymore. However, they still have their effects.
  • Mobs in the overworld will spawn more underground.
  • An issue with mob rendering has been fixed because of which vindicator axes were visible when they weren't attacking.

Interested readers can learn more about the beta update from the official Mojang website.

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