Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

Minecraft Bedrock is out (Image via Minecraft & Chill/Mojang)
Minecraft Bedrock is out (Image via Minecraft & Chill/Mojang)

The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update is closer than ever. The developers of Minecraft are releasing a beta and a snapshot every week for players to test and report bugs and other things they dislike.

Minecraft Bedrock beta is finally out, and it features significant changes to how the game runs on Android devices. This beta update can now be installed on Android, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices. Interested readers can learn how to do so from here.

It's Thursday already!? 👀Time for a Bedrock Beta I suppose!Check out the changelog for Beta here:…

Minecraft Bedrock beta update

The New #Minecraft #Bedrock #BETA ✅ ✅ Chunks, Leaves & Chest changes !🗻 1.19 ⚒️ 💬 Check out the Changelog right HERE ➡️

Features and bug fixes


You can find the full Minecraft Beginners Guide here.

World Generation

  • Ice pillars below Y0 on worlds with updated chunks are no longer generated in frozen biomes.
  • Shipwrecks and ocean ruins generate less often now.
  • Players will no longer find azalea trees underwater. However, azalea trees can generate in shallow water.
  • Without an azalea tree, rooted dirt cannot generate anymore.
  • Vanilla parity: Deep warm ocean has been removed from biome placement.
  • Pillars of Dripstone that could previously be generated on the surface of the Overworld have been fixed.
  • An issue has been fixed to prevent small dripleaf blocks from being placed inside lava blocks.


  • Chunks will no longer be empty upon loading older worlds.
  • An issue that could sometimes prevent music tracks from playing in the Nether has been fixed.
  • When leaf blocks were surrounded by partial blocks such as buttons or slabs, they were not remaining transparent. This issue has been fixed.
  • Face culling of the block below a leaf block has been fixed.
  • When opening the inventory screen while crouched, the shield would get locked to the player's offhand slot in the inventory screen. This issue has been fixed.
  • An issue with the marketplace packs in beta builds that was causing players to spawn in the wrong location has been fixed.
  • The developers have also fixed a bug because of which double chests were split and became unusable.

View the Minecraftwiki here.


  • Temporarily, the game has been reverted from API 30 to API 29. Players with existing external storage will be migrated to the new location on startup. They can also do so manually. Players can still play if the migration fails by closing the results window.
  • With these changes being made, players will now lose their data if they uninstall Minecraft unless they check the box indicating they want to keep their data.

Interested readers can learn about the technical changes made in this beta from the official Minecraft article.

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