Minecraft Beta Patch Notes: Deep Dark Caves, Allay Changes, axes, and more

The latest Beta and Preview is available (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)
The latest Beta and Preview is available (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)

The latest Beta and Preview for Minecraft Bedrock Edition has just been released. It features the Deep Dark biome but has not introduced the Warden just yet. This makes it a great time to venture in without fear of one of the most dangerous mobs in the game.

There are plenty of other changes also introduced to the game as Mojang moves one step closer to the highly anticipated 1.19 update that's supposed to arrive this year. Here are the patch notes on what players can expect when they get into the latest version.

Patch notes for latest Minecraft Bedrock Beta and Preview

The latest Beta and Preview version is There's plenty to look forward to in this week's preview as many players have already downloaded and begun playing.

Chest in boat, allay and the Deep Dark biome, are all in this week’s Beta and Preview. Fortunately for the fearful, the warden is yet to make its booming-beta debut – so be as noisy as you’d like in the dark!Find out more and give us your feedback:🌐

One of the biggest introductions this week is the official arrival of the Deep Dark in the experimental features section. There will be Sculk everywhere and it will be dimly lit and oddly quiet. Fortunately, no mobs can spawn there except for the Warden in future updates.

They also added several other changes:

  • Axes that attack raised shields will cause the shield to be disabled for five seconds.
  • Boats with chests, similar to minecarts with chests, have been added.
  • The Allay now has a delay before picking new items to find after they've delivered old ones.
  • Allay will only pick up the exact item it is holding.
  • Allay is immune to danger from its owner.
How will the Allay go about gathering things for you? And what kind of treasures can you smuggle out of the desolate shadows of the Deep Dark?The team sat down to answer your most burning questions after this year's Minecraft Live:↣

There are also quite a few bug fixes as Mojang works to perfect the game even further:

  • Sensitivity is no longer too low in new touch control schemes.
  • Fixed cases where the "Highlight Always On" option was visible.
  • Fixed an issue where underwater lava lakes were not turned into Obsidian during world generation.
  • Healing no longer causes a mob to be immune to damage.
  • Mining a layer of snow in the same block as a flower no longer breaks the flower.
  • Baby hoglins are now hostile to players.
Baby hoglins will attack players (Image via Jira Minecraft)
Baby hoglins will attack players (Image via Jira Minecraft)

For the full list of changes and more information, players may visit the official Mojang website for the latest details.

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