Minecraft Championship (MCC) 29: Final standings, winners, and more

Winners of MCC 29 (Image via MCChampionship_ on Twitter)
Winners of MCC 29 (Image via MCChampionship_ on Twitter)

The 29th iteration and the first event of Minecraft Championship (MCC) Season 3 has just concluded. The most recent edition saw a bunch of changes, both graphically and to multiple mini-games.

For those unfamiliar with the event, renowned content creators are invited to form 10 teams and play through eight unique mini-games where they collect coins. The worst-performing teams are eliminated based on the same coins. After the conclusion of the eight games, the top two teams battle it out in the Dodgebolt arena.

Minecraft Championship (MCC) 29


Highest ranked individual


jojosolos holds the top position as the individual player with the highest number of coins collected in MCC 29.

After participating in the Minecraft Championship for the first time in MCC 21, she has been a regular participant in almost every subsequent event. She was also the best individual performer at MCC 25, marking her second achievement of this feat, as she had previously been the top-performing participant at another MCC event.

The winning team

๐Ÿ‘‘Your MCC 29 Winners are the Aqua Axolotls! ๐Ÿ‘‘@HBomb94 @Krtzyy @cubfan135 @falsesymmetry

The Aqua Axolotls, featuring some of the oldest participants in MCC history, including HBomb94, Krtzyy, cubfan135, and FalseSymmetry, emerged as the champions of Minecraft Championship 29, defeating the Cyan Coyotes in a thrilling Dodgebolt arena battle.

Despite the odds against them, the Aqua Axolotls dominated the match and secured a convincing 3-1 victory over their opponents.

It's worth noting, however, that the Cyan Coyotes have accumulated a considerable lead of over two thousand coins compared to the Aqua Axolotls. Although they have scored a hefty amount of coins over Aqua Axolotls, they were placed second, as they lost in the Dodgebolt arena.

Overall rankings

Based on the coins accumulated, here are the overall standings of each team and their members:

10) Green Geckos: Purpled, GeorgeNotFound, vGumiho, and Snifferish.

9) Purple Pandas: Punz, Foolish Gamers, Ponk, and Michaelmcchill.

8) Yellow Yaks: Fruitberries, Sneegsnag, CaptainSparklez, and CaptainPuffy.

7) Red Rabbits: Sapnap, 5up, JackManifoldTV, and Eret.

6) Blue Bats: FireBreathMan, aimsey, Shubble, and ElainaExe

5) Pink Parrots: Antfrost, Tubbo, bekyamon, and GoodTimesWithScar.

4) Orange Ocelots: Ph1LzA, Ryguyrocky, Smallishbeans, and impulseSV.

3) Lime Llamas: PeteZahHutt, Seapeekay. Kara Corvus, and SolidarityGaming.

2) Aqua Axolotls: HBomb94, Krtzyy, cubfan135, and FalseSymmetry.

1) Cyan Coyotes: jojosolos, Ranboo, Smajor1995, and Gee Nelly.

The Cyan Coyotes team has achieved outstanding success in the MCC, having joined the competition during MCC 17 and earning the top spot on two separate occasions. Even though the composition of the teams changes with each MCC, the Cyan Coyotes' exceptional performance remains consistent at every event.

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