Minecraft player recreates Ice Spike biome

Minecraft player created a custom version of the ice spike biome (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft player created a custom version of the ice spike biome (Image via Sportskeeda)

The world of Minecraft is filled with numerous biomes featuring different blocks, terrain generation, flora, and fauna. Ice Spikes are one of the most uncommon biomes in the game. However, it does not look as good as it should. Fortunately, on January 19, a Redditor by the name of u/janko1423 posted a picture of a custom Ice Spike region to show how amazing it can be visually.

The spikes in his creation, made from ice blocks, are much more detailed and dense compared to the traditional ones seen in the vanilla version. They look extremely tall, with a couple reaching more than 90 blocks vertically.

Moreover, the recreated biome looks much more menacing due to the density of the ice spikes and because they are extra pointy. The original poster also built certain spikes that were slanting, randomizing the design of the region. The recreated biome appears much more detailed and sinister than the vanilla version.

Fans react to Minecraft Redditor's recreated Ice Spikes biome

Since there are several Minecraft biomes that badly need an overhaul, this post instantly caught a lot of attention on the game's official subreddit. Within a day, the post received over two thousand upvotes and several comments. People appreciated the biome's recreated version and discussed how Mojang should improve certain regions in the base game.

The icy spikes in the traditional biome look awful compared to the recreated version, and several people were amazed to see how aggressive they turned out in the OP's creation.

People admired the spikes in OP's biome. Users also pointed out how the trees looked tiny in front of massive ice spikes. Moreover, it's worth noting that for scale reference, the picture also shows a snowy taiga forest.

One Redditor also pointed out how the ice spikes look too geometric, something that does not align with the design language of Minecraft. They further suggested how some of them could have broken tips, carvings on the sides, and fallen-off tips to make the biome "look more natural."

A few fans humorously started mentioning a famous copypasta message, which talks about how the world will slowly turn into a nuclear wasteland. This was being commented on the post after Redditors saw the recreated biome and how deserted and dangerous it looked.

Overall, Minecraft fans seem to be loving the recreated version of the Ice Spikes biome. While some people liked the menacing look of the biome, others suggested a few improvements. Though the post has not gone extremely viral on the title's official subreddit, members continue to flock to it, leaving upvotes and positive comments.

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